iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy SIII

The new iPhone 5 from Apple beats the Samsung Galaxy SIII in not one, or two, but three different categories – documented here:


The iPhone 5 contains less hazardous materials than the SIII.


iPhone 5 is faster than Galaxy SIII, both in terms of JavaScript performance and also video gaming.


iPhone 5 is also better built than the Galaxy SIII, which means it will outlast the SIII when it comes to a drop-test.


So even though Samsung Galaxy SIII might have better specifications on paper, as you can see, specifications are not  all that matters. Despite Apple’s iOS system having some years on it by now (the way it looks and works), their new version iOS 6 runs really smooth and well, but is it better than the latest version of Android? That’s up to you to decide, as it’s mostly a matter of taste and how well you are into each systems eco-system.

Now I’m off to order an iPhone 5.

19 thoughts on “iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy SIII”

  1. Hi Klaus,

    Personally – We have had the argument at work for such a long time now, And I think they are more or less equal, Where you win with the one you lose out on another function / aspect of the device with the other. I personally think the biggest factor is user preference at the end of the day. Especially if you have a lot of apple devices – Re setting up all your devices etc. might not be the way to go, and a lot of people made their decision on the aspect of device connectivity and overall setup on other devices that works on the same platform (apple products like iPod, mac etc.)

  2. This is a 3 point knockout for samsung from apple. But then again, the iphone 5 is about three times the price of that samsung.

  3. That’s fantastic news that iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy S3 because its features are better than the Samsung. It is also overpowering in the three places which are described here. Am excited to hear about this trendy apple iPhone.

  4. Although I can picture myself that the galaxy is a great device, I still feel sceptic with the android platform. I’ve got some bad experiences, that’s why I’m going to stay on iOS, and that’s why I’m going to switch for a new iPhone as well…

  5. I actually have used a Galaxy S3 for many months now and just recently made the switch to the iphone 5. I can tell you that the difference is night & day. Everything that Apple does is superior. With the enhanced screen that the new Iphone has, there’s not really much that the S3 does that the Iphone can’t… The one feature that I do miss is the WI-FI calling. On the Galaxy s3, when there is no cell service, you can connect to a WI-FI network and make and receive calls. Other than that, the speed/ease of use/look and app options are far superior on the Iphone 5

  6. But of course iPhone 5 will beat Samsung Galaxy SIII! That normally is the case. The one who releases last gets the “better” phone – especially for these two companies. However, Apple’s prices are just way too expensive. I’d personally go for Samsung since they’re a lot like the iPhones but cheaper.

  7. I love iphone 5, fast and useful applications has contributed to the iPhone becoming the most popular smartphone

  8. I’ve had both phones… Had a iPhone 5 black 16 GB and traded w/ someone on craigslist for the S3 and indeed the S3 had features that i absolutely liked… But it was definitely slower than the iphone 5. the iphone 5 has better pictures and its just overall precision w/ the phone. S3 has glitches as iphone is smoother. S3 has a better screen size. iPhone is like having a Benz as having a S3 is like owning a Audi. P.S i traded my S3 back for the iPhone 5 white 32 GB…All cost me ZIP..


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