iPhone Controlled Coffee Brewer

With the topic of multitasking and trying to save time in the daily busy schedules everyone has, it gives coffee drinkers a comforting note that coffee can be brewed via the iPhone. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not your grandmothers standard coffee maker.

The folks of Scanomat have come up with a brilliant coffee idea: a fully automatic coffee maker powered by an iPhone. Once an idea popped into the head of designer Kim Vibe-Petersen, it took just about two days time the prototype was created and already going through test runs. The production ran for about two years, which much detail being spent on the milk foamer.

Named, the TopBrewer, the device consists over 75% recycled stainless steel, it is capable of being used in (yes, in) any tabletop. The set up is easy, just needing a flat tabletop, two small holes (for the swan neck faucets), and some type of drain; and viola, there is the start of a new coffee brewer.

As mentioned earlier in the article, the TopBrewer will be compatible with any iPhone or iPad. The iOS app that will run with the iDevice helps keep counter tops free of unwanted debris and leaves extra room for the cream and sugar. There is also the function of allowing the iPhone/iPad to keep track of how many drinks have been made and to help with inventory by allowing the operator to order beans.

The application is not yet ready for retail sale, but from the screen shots, it will be one of the best applications made for Apple users. Everything needed to run the TopBrewer will be displayed on the screen, giving accurate temperatures and any issues the machine might have.

The TopBrewer is being processed solely for businesses, allowing the owners to have a special save file for regular customers (which will help with keeping lines down and customer satisfaction up), and keeping a detailed report on what is used for future ordering purposes.

But wait, there’s more! The TopBrewer is designed to brew more than just coffee. With the ability to hold up to a liter of hot water every minute, the TopBrewer can whip up macchiatos, latte’s, and cappuccinos within the blink of an eye. The cleanup is super easy as well, there is a built in cleaner that sprays hot water throughout the faucet after each drink. All of this happens within a matter of minutes, which is great for any coffee rush hour.

Though it isn’t scheduled to make its debut until late January or so, the TopBrewer will be an answer to many a coffee shops prayers. Less table space, self-cleaning functions, and the ability to run more than one brewer per iDevice will keep every coffee shop on its toes. Scanomat is truly changing the face of the coffee brewing industry with the TopBrewer. Once this hits stores, guarantee a change in all coffee shops, from the design, to the employees attitudes. Home-brewers don’t fret though; the TopBrewer will be available for household use once all is up and running smoothly.

Guest article written by a TechPatio reader!

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  5. Hi Davis,
    thanks for the entry about the option that helping to make coffee via iPhone handsets. With that technological developments sooner rather than later majority of the home works would be possible to do via clever mobile handsets.
    Regards. Tanya

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  7. Now we are in business, so I can bascially use my phone, which is my alarm clock to put the coffee on as soon as it wakes me up.

    Thats what phones are really for!

  8. This is an amazing idea, well done to the person who thought it up. Waiting times in coffee shops have always driven me insane. I will certainly be trying this out if it becomes available here.

  9. Hey Davis,
    Now this is a smart use of technology,i am pretty much excited to know that now i can operate a coffee maker through my iphone.Thanks for updating this great info for us Davis.

    God Bless!!
    Best Regards,
    Samuel Joshua

  10. Wow such a genial idea! Sometimes I have the feeling to live in a science fiction movie:) This one is really a must-have thing for me, it would be so nice if I could start my coffee from my bed with my phone, and when I go down in the kitchen, my latte is already there:D

  11. That is interesting and I can’t wait to see what it looks like. I am glad I don’t have to wait that long for its release. The app definitely sounds very useful. I wonder what they are going to develop next.

  12. Seems very convenient especially for coffee shops. I hope the price is not that high. I’d definitely try to get one if it becomes available in our area.

  13. Now that’s what i called innovation! I think this would create a buzz in the market especially now that a lot of users are using iPhone due to SIRI.

  14. really, very interesting, not all phones can do that.., is there any app for that? where can I get one…. just want to try…

  15. Wow! This is amazing! iPhone raise their level in another steps. Maybe next 10years a iPhone refrigerator will be marketed lol!

  16. Why not a coffee maker? Samsung just unveiled an iphone controlled baby monitor. Soon everything will be controlled by the use of your smartphone

  17. What the what? Are you serious? This is possibly the coolest thing I’ve heard about in 2012. Looks a little tricky to install though. Also why is it only for Iphone? Is there anything about it being for Android as well?

  18. This is a great invention, too bad the app is only being processed for bussinesses. What about us consumers who want to make a coffee with their iphone?

  19. This is very innovative technology. Really, heads up to the developers who have created these types of extraordinary technologies for us.


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