Mac maintenance and optimization Tips

Do you have any idea about “optimization” and “maintenance”and why Mac users follow these terms ? Actually these are the magical terms which a Mac owner uses to carve maximum out of his machine. Here we are discussing these techniques in details.

How to optimize Mac drive?

1. Truly Remove Applications and Components:– When you remove any application from your Mac, it doesn’t get removed completely . It remains hidden(place) on your computer for months, or even years. Wiping process has been used to remove applications beyond recovery from your Mac so that, available memory could free completely.

2. Keep less items on Desktop & reduce login items list:  You should keep less items on desktop because every time when icons are created, it consumes memory and wastes usefull resources. Mac experts advice to keep less login items because it helps to speed up booting process.

3. Speeding Up By Cleaning the Cache: When you search anything on internet, your Mac automatically saves the location- URL title, icon, etc- onto your hard drive for quicker access later. It is really useful but sometimes lots of memory space occupied by these items and it makes your Mac slow. So, you should clear all cache, universal binaries, language files, duplicate files etc..

4. Defrag Mac Drive: When you save a large file – say 5GB – sometimes there there may not be contigious memory of 5GB in your Mac hard drive. In such cases the files are broken into several chunks saved into different locations in Mac drive. When you will open this file it will take too long to open and slow down your Mac performance.

Defragmentation is the process which is used to keep fragmented data together in contigious memory locations. There is no built-in tool in Mac OS X so, can use a tool – Stellar Drive ToolBox

Staying clean and optimized with Stellar Drive TooloBox – It is a complete pack of 12 Mac Maintenance utilities which can perform all these task for your Mac – speed Up , defrag, Manage partitions in Mac drive, Volume status, drive status , drive performance, clone, surface scan, encrypt Mac data etc.. If you keep this tool on your Mac , I am 100% sure you never need to worry for your Mac maintenance. It is the solution of all above discussed problems with Mac and helps to [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]improve Mac performance[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]improve Mac performance[/tp]. You can keep backup of your data either in the form of image or clone via this tool.

5. Changing Icon and Folder Appearances: You can save the searching time of any folder , files and Mac resources to look up any thing in your Mac. Put the different icons for “Applications”,”Programs”, and “Utilities” so that you could easily find out things.

6. Keep organising your email: 99.9% of computer owners actively use an e-mail account, and if it takes you a long time to go through old files just to find something to copy into another program. FOT saving time and fast accessing keep organise all folders, clean address book etc.

Guest article written by: Jyoti, a Mac-interested TechPatio reader. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Mac maintenance and optimization Tips”

  1. Those are some good tips. My favorite ones are defragging the hard drive and cleaning and keep your desktop organized and limited to only the few things you need. It’s amazing how much performance you can get back from your system by just doing those two items.

  2. Apple always rocks and MAC OS is awesome. I never thought i can use my MAC book air easily but after reading this i felt happy of my MAC. Useful one for me
    – amar

  3. I don’t usually leave comments but wanted to thank you for posting this great article. Even though it’s a bit old, the tips are still relevant and helped me fix a problem. Thanks again!


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