Optimizing your ecommerce website for SEO

Ecommerce websites are some of the most challenging websites to optimize. This is because these websites come with duplicate content, pagination issues, thin content, close similarity and many others. For the search engines, this is really negative and as such, most ecommerce sites get low rankings on most search engines especially Google.

However, the rules which make search engines work on regular websites are the same ones which work on ecommerce websites. When you’re working on your ecommerce site optimization, its best to consider the different loopholes in search engines to get top rankings. Here are some of the tips to consider getting top rankings in the search engines.

  1. Always remember that the search engines want a human experience for their searchers. After the panda update that focused on the user experiences, your site needs to be made with the human surfers in mind. The best option for an ecommerce site is to get new content like to have buyers leave reviews on products, share the pages on social media, etc.
  2. Controlling duplicate content has never been as critical for ecommerce sites as today. 301 redirects, relative canonicals, and no index tags are some of the ways to deal with it. [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]PlagSpotter[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]PlagSpotter[/tp] is duplicate content checker you can use to discover duplicates on your website. Moreover, you may have to syndicate content wisely on the web so that not many trails are left for your website.
  3. Focus on the marketing of the hotter, faster selling and high revenue products on the first page of the website and if they are many, have clear navigation into the interior of the website on the landing page.
  4. The other tip you have to consider when optimizing an ecommerce site is having the websites focus more about quality than quantity. For instance, achieving success on specific keywords say ‘camera’ is impressive; however, ‘cameras for sale’ will more likely bring a buyer.
  5. Innovating with the site links options on the Google AdWords is another creative way to leverage your optimization. This feature is rather new and as a newbie, you can gain tremendously by tapping more into this for online success and to sell more.
  6. Explore every content source you can find. Whether its Google news, images, videos, etc. ensure your website appears in some of the site links for news on a regular basis because Google has increased indexing for news articles and posts.
  7. If you want to rank highly in Google, it’s best if you can keep up as a member if the Google product family. Google Plus, Google merchant center are just some of the best places to start to rank high in Google and get more success.
  8. Get social because nowadays, every business needs a social handle whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. There are more related, custom search results than they were before.

In general, every ecommerce website has the potential to do well in Google. You need to have a good plan for it to ensure maximum success.

Guest article written by: Stan Harpers, a freelance tech writer.

6 thoughts on “Optimizing your ecommerce website for SEO”

  1. Great Article Stan,
    A blog or site portal that doesn’t have a call of followers and visitors miss out a lot of great benefits and that’s where SEO can never be relegated. Traffics, traffics and quality traffics to your blogs is the key to a fruitful venture online.

    • Seems Worst is not over “Tighten your seat belts” google algorithm update are back again lost of ranks in keywords for my three site i don’t no why again and again its happening to my sites……How to overcome from panda and penguin its really a big deal

  2. Thanks for the tips for making online presence seo is a must and it should be in right direction too some of the best points you have published regarding successful seo

  3. As they say again and again, write only for humans and not for search engines. Same goes for an eCommerce website. Make it for real customers and it will help you rank batter.

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  5. SEO is the main aspect to drive quality traffic to the site. For a eCommerce site it is best to maintain content with reviews of products and deals to increase the visitors interest.


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