WooThemes Plugins for easy theme customization

Though there are many plugins to make the woothemes customization easier these below mentioned list of plugin is totally dedicated and created for woothemes that will perform better than other plugins.

WooThemes Framework Identifier

This little plugin will display the current version of woothemes framework in dashboard widget and notify you if any new updates have been released.


WooThemes Toolbar

This plugin will add an extra menu to you wordpress toobar displaying all the links and resources related to woothemes so you can update about all woothemes news, videos, press release and themes inside your wordpress admin panel.


Woo Recent Posts

It will create a sidebar widget that displays random recent post from your blog with thumbnail image. You can even filter it by categories, resize thumbnail image and set the number of article to be displayed in sidebar.


Fix Facebook Like

A complete solution for all kinds of facebook related errors while sharing content on facebook such as wrong title, short description, wrong thumbnail image, problem while fetching URL content and much more can be solved using this plugin.



Powerful and flexible eCommerce plugin that transforms your blog into beautiful eCommerce site that sells anything. Woothemes also offers free and premium themes for your eCommerce site that enhance your shopfront to attract customers to buy the products.



It will transform your wordpress site into a tumblr style blog where you can easily update your blog from admin, from your iPhone or any other popular wordpress clients.



If you like to make some money from woothemes affiliate program plus having wordpress site but doesn’t know how to promote them? Then you should surely install this plugin in your blog. This plugin will promote your favorite themes from woothemes gallery in a slick widget to get high visibility from readers.


Gravity Forms (Form Processing)

The best multilingual form management plugin of all time for powering wordpress blogs. Its user friendly drag-and-drop interface and wide range of features make it perfectly suits for all types of wordpress themes.


Hope you find this article useful and do you have any tips or any things to share with me, please share with us in comments.

Guest article written by: Ron Davis. He is a blogger since 2010 and working as content writer for various blogs. He is currently working for woothemescouponcodes.net where you can get woothemes coupon code and woocommerce discount coupon.

4 thoughts on “WooThemes Plugins for easy theme customization”

  1. Thats a great post for Woo theme user.
    Unfortunately I am genesis users, but like those all exist to make better designs with Woo themes.

  2. This is very helpful to me as i am using the Canvas theme for WooThemes on all 4 of my blogs now. I actually have to fix my navigation bar, it just disappeared overnight from my site Techizzle.com. Any plugins for navigation that you know of?

  3. Woo theme is offering very good plugins to make the blog very attractive. Really it will give the professional look to the blog.


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