Nokia caught with a fake Lumia 920 recording

This is not “new” news, but I think when a company the size of Nokia screws up this bad and gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they deserved to be called out more than just once when the news is still fresh.

So basically, Nokia released an ad for their Lumia 920 phone, showing PureView and the difference it makes whether or not OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is on or off. Obviously, the footage looks great with OIS on, but why wouldn’t it, Nokia didn’t shoot it with their Lumia 920 phone as the ad makes you believe, no they were riding in a van shooting it with a RED camera so expensive that normal people would have to take out a loan to buy one.

See the video for yourself – notice the van in the reflexion in the last few seconds of the video below.

Score: “Nokia 0 – 1 Internet”


10 thoughts on “Nokia caught with a fake Lumia 920 recording”

  1. Are you serious? What is your meaning? You really found this out now?
    There are plenty of tests in internet to show THE CAMERA WORKS like shown in this video.
    How was iPhone’s Siri? It wasn’t Siri. Should we talk about that or some other Apple forged actions?

    • Apparantly you didn’t read the post, otherwise you would have seen the first sentence about “This is not new news, but…”.

      Also, if iPhone’s Siri is not Siri… then who/what is it?

  2. Yes I read it and saw “not new news” and that’s why I’m wondering “why now?”
    They did it just to demonstrate how the camera works (L920 WITH camera wasn’t ready). I have read a huge amount of comments and people seem to understand the situation (and this was months ago).

    And the camera works as performed on the video.
    My question was why are you coming back to this issue now?
    Usually it means iFanboyism.

    Apple did the same thing, they faked Siri.

    • If you did read it, you would also have read the next sentence which explains “why now”.

      And no, there is no way that a mobile phone camera hand-held on a bicycle will perform as well as an expensive camera rig in a van.

      Where are your “fake Siri” documentation?

    • What I learned from those videos is that the journalist isn’t having much luck pronouncing very well (Siri doesn’t pick up all his words properly) and that mobile networks in the US are really slow!! Siri is handicapped over here in Europe compared to the US in terms of features, but it’s not even that slow, both Siri and surfing web pages etc.


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