How To: Netflix, Hulu, Pandora etc. from outside USA + free Olympics 2012 Streaming

If you’re here to watch the Olympics 2012 in London for free, then scroll to the bottom of the post 🙂

As for the rest, how to access Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and many other similar US-based services from outside the USA, meet UnoTelly.

UnoTelly’s “UnoDNS” is a DNS-based “unblocker” that will give you access to a ton of channels for a ridciolous low amount of money per month, it goes as low as $4.95 for their Premium package (which is what most people would be happy to use) and $7.95 for the Gold package which includes more channels. Below is a screenshot of all the channels included in the Gold package (don’t worry, Netflix, Pandora and many more, are included in the cheaper Premium as well):

How does UnoDNS work?

It’s so simple to use and setup that you’re not going to believe it. First of all, UnoTelly offers a very comprehensive setup wizard, so anybody (and their old grandfather) will be able to figure it out. Pretty much any device is supported too, so most people should be able to use this service. UnoTelly also offers instructions on how to signup for the actual streaming services, which of course you might need to pay for on the side, for example Netflix charges $7.99 a month for unlimited movie and TV show streaming while Pandora is free (ad-supported) or upgrade to Pandora One for $36 a year to enjoy better audio quality and no ads.

It simply works by changing the DNS server that your computer/router/device uses. So instead of using your Internet Service Providers default DNS servers, you will be using UnoTelly’s DNS servers. The clever thing is, UnoTelly’s DNS servers will work some magic so whenever you try to access Netflix, Pandora, etc., it will seem as if you’re actually coming from the US and you will avoid that dreadful “Sorry, we’re not available in your country”-message that us non-US consumers have seen far too often.

Now, it’s important to remember that UnoDNS will not only work with streaming services – their DNS servers will do anything that any other DNS server will do too, so your Internet will continue to work just as it always did.

When it comes to speed, it’s important to note that you’ll still be using your own Internet connection to stream, so it’s your own Internet connection that decides the quality and speed you’ll be getting. Many people use VPN services instead (Virtual Private Network), which means they first connect to a VPN server in the US, which you’ll be streaming the content through – this has an impact on the speed/quality of the connection, although as Internet connections are getting better and better it’s not as much an issue anymore as it used to be. But still, VPN’s are more expensive and some are bandwidth-limited, so a DNS based solution for streaming is definitely number one in my book.

UnoTelly also offers multiple DNS servers across the world, so just pick one that’s close to you and you’ll be enjoying faster DNS-speeds compared to other services with just a single DNS server placed half-way around the world.

One small disadvantage

There’s just one disadvantage with UnoTelly, which other similar DNS providers also suffers from, which is they only allow one active network (external IP address) to access their DNS servers at a time. Imagine this: You’re at home, enjoying your UnoDNS service to stream Netflix. Next day you’re at work and want to listen to Pandora, but you can’t, you’ll first have to either login to the UnoTelly Client Area to update your network (IP address), ping a special “Updater URL” (beta) or use UnoHelper for Windows, to let UnoTelly know that you’re now on a different network. It only takes a moment to update, but it’s still somewhat annoying, to do it every time you move to a different network and you want to stream US-based content (other Internet-stuff still works, mind you).

You can of course easily solve this by having two subscriptions but that means you’ll have to pay 2 x $5 a month. Hopefully, in the future, UnoTelly will allow us to have two active networks, so we can easily switch between home and office.


Is UnoTelly worth it? Yes. For 5 bucks a month you get easy access to so much great content that it’s hard to believe. Of course you’ll have to add another $8 for Netflix access (or whatever service(s) you want to stream) – so in the case of Netflix, you’ll be looking at around $13 a month for unlimited movies and TV shows, that’s not too bad if you ask me!!! Netflix doesn’t have it all, but they have a lot and continue to add new content.

Personally, I’m using UnoTelly to stream Netflix at home and listen to free Pandora while at work. It works great!

Check it out for yoruself – and take advantage of their free trial, at

Olympics 2012 Promotion

Watch the Olympics 2012 in London for free, live, with the help of UnoTelly and their DNS servers. Simply change your DNS setting to and head over to to enjoy Olympic live streaming from BBC’s iPlayer. No registration required – just plug’n’play!

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  1. This is an extraordinary offer. To get access to so many tv stations with only 5 bucks, it’s a real bargain. In addition it’s great to have the opportunity to the Olympic games.


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