The Business Case for DDoS Protection

How much does your online business make a day? How important is your reputation? Can you afford to lose 60-70% of your customers in just a few hours? Why should you have to lose all of that?

Recently we see a tendency in DDoS attacking that puts small and medium-sized business as well as some truly unexpected sites in the spotlight, with prominent “big fish” no longer the prime targets. Online vendors, business entrepreneurs, of all sizes have been losing income and face due to DDoS attacks. Unexpected, innocent sites fell prey, ranging from online easy-listening radio stations, chat-rooms, opinion forums, gaming community service providers and even religious advocates.

Turns out everyone must look for shelter nowadays. For all of the above cases, buying a hardware box is neither feasible, nor effective. Proxy-shield DDoS mitigation can solve most of one’s needs. DDoS mitigation service that does “what it says on the box”, yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. DDoS protection that is transparent, easy to understand and measure, produced by the people that do that best.

Ask anyone in the DDoS mitigation business, they will say how much a day of protection actually costs – it is an expensive endeavor. On-demand protection can run as high as thousands of dollars per day. The good news is attackers get tired as well, they stop and re-scheme the attacks, giving the mitigation provider a breather. That also means that your site will not be constantly under attack. Or at least there will be times when it’s not being hammered.

So, a good shared DDoS protection provider will spread your attack cost over time, giving you monthly subscription options that are reasonably priced and relying on your ability to assess your risks wisely, and not leave the provider after the first attack is mitigated, thinking “oh, it won’t happen again, we scared them off…”

If one should take a little time to study the pattern of attack frequency and persistency, one will inevitably notice that attackers very rarely quit after they see you’re protected. Time after time they check the power of protection by varying method and size, they check whether you’re still protected. A good protection policy will keep you protected, if not constantly, then at least for a good half year.

Guest article written by: Alex Topolino is a long-standing of Vistnet company. He has been into development of the new technological approach to help all victims achieve freedom from DDoS-ing.

4 thoughts on “The Business Case for DDoS Protection”

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  2. A real good DDOS protection is necessary for small and medium enterprises. But sad to say that due to budget constraints, most small businesses do not engage one.

    • I agree – an effective anti-DDOS setup which will protect you against a determined attacker will cost serious $$$$.

      When you see a shared host offering DDOS protection then its likely a marketing ploy and probably won’t do much to mitigate a real attack.

  3. DDOS protection helps to secure the business from DDOS attacks. It will offer protection for the business all the day but due to high costs, some companies cannot buy it.


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