The Top Five Cost Effective Home Security Items for Your Home

Every day homeowners must face threats to home security. There are natural hazards such as earthquakes or flooding; but what threat is most likely? Burglary. With robberies occurring in some areas as fast as every fifteen seconds, odds are high that you could be affected by this unfortunate trend. To avoid being a burglary statistic, you have to eliminate yourself from the category of potential victim.

Although burglaries often seem random, they’re not. Would be intruders are always on the lookout for a property that looks primed for them to prey. They look for an unoccupied home with easy street access and cover to conceal them from neighbors, and local law enforcement, as well as a way to escape if they are seen. They tend to avoid homes protected by a security system, good lighting, and clear landscaping.

So safe guarding your family’s home is the key to preventing burglary and home invasion. From good exterior lighting to solid dead bolts to complete home security systems, there are many ways you can make your home safe and sound.

We’ve culled a personal “top five” of cost effective home security items that serve a vital purpose in protecting your home and family.

In reverse order, here are the picks:

5. The wedge alarm

This simple, inexpensive item looks like a door stop. Put it behind any door and if someone tries to get in, the specially shaped alarm stops the door from opening and sounds one hundred and twenty decibels of noise. It also features tamper proof sensors, and is battery operated and easily transportable.

4. The drive way wireless alert system

The Drive Patrol is wireless, has a battery operated, weather resistant range of four hundred feet, and can be placed near your drive way to alert you should unwanted “visitors” approach your home.

3. The digital security camera

You’re looking for a crisp digital image that also records the day and date on photos. Battery operated, inexpensive, and with storage capacity for over two hundred pictures, the Photo Patrol security camera is one item to consider.

2. The voice alert perimeter alarm

Voice alert systems let you know if there is any movement on your property, from cars in your driveway to someone approaching your back door. Programmable, these systems allow the customization of your voice alert, such as “Back porch intruder” or “someone’s in the driveway.” Best of all, if you’re away from home, this type of alert can be set to speak for you, turned up to full volume, serving as a warning that your home and the potential intruder are both under surveillance.

1. The wireless security alarm system

Taking advantage of a complete, hassle-free security system means full safety coverage for your family. Without having to deal with expensive hard wiring or time consuming wiring installation, a wireless alarm system offers sensors that operate through radio signals, light up detectors, and the capability of setting up security zones within your house to easily identify where or when any problems occur. These security systems can include other aspects of home protection besides burglary and break-ins; they can be linked with a smoke alarm and connected to one monitoring center. A solid, inexpensive option is the SimpliSafe security system.

While each of these items are cost effective security measures, most cost effective of all may be the simple fact of having a security system: owning and operating such a system greatly reduces home insurance premiums, and most importantly of all – prevents the expense of replacing stolen items.

Guest article written by: Madison Parker is a security expert whose interests range from personal to home security systems. Get more advice on the blog Home Security Systems!

5 thoughts on “The Top Five Cost Effective Home Security Items for Your Home”

  1. Most burglars are looking for stealth. Some of the best low cost security is something that sounds an alarm such as the door stop. There are also very cheap alarms that work on a motion sensor or attach to your windows and doors. I think you get the best bang for your buck with alarms. Cameras are nice, but they aren’t really deterrents. They’re more useful for crime investigation when you want to catch the crime on camera and turn over evidence to the police. But you’re better off preventing the crime from happening altogether.

  2. These are the perfect combination of equipments for secure home. Most of them are wireless which doesn’t require any space for extra cable hardware set up still need to check the cost of installation and maintenance and see how much extra bucks require compare to other security systems available.

  3. Those are interesting cost effective security ideas. I had never heard of the door stop I like that one the best.

  4. Home security is necessary because now a days, all the people are doing job or business so children are alone at home thus with the use of these type of home security tools in your home, you and your family could live secure life.


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