Important Content Strategy Tips for beginners

woman_girl_lady_laptop_smileContent Strategy is a comparatively new phenomenon. It is closely related to content marketing, SEO, web development and the likes. Content strategy has 2 very basic objectives. The first objective ensures that the expectations of the users are given maximum importance while the second objective ensures that the business goals are not ignored in an attempt to keep the users satisfied. Every beginner is bound to falter at the start of their career involving content strategy. However, using the guidelines given below, one can get a fair idea as to what can be expected when working in this field. A leading SEO expert in India suggests that these guidelines are absolutely full proof and will ensure a successful career in content strategy.

1. Team work is the essence of content strategy:

When it comes to content strategy, working closely with a team of people is absolutely essential. There are several phases in content strategy that need consultation from the various peer disciplines. These include marketing, public relations, development, search engine optimization and the likes. There are seniors in each department that work closely with their juniors to build the basic structure of content strategy. Once the base has been created, the specialists take over. Therefore, content strategy can be successful only in an environment where people work together as a team.

2. Take into consideration both, the content and the creators of the content:

Content strategy is a healthy mix of both the expectations of the users and meeting business goals effectively. It is, therefore, important to consider not just the content but also the people who are responsible for creating the content. The workflow should be given importance as it is this factor that helps to meet both the objectives of content strategy effectively.

3. Keep your content simple for easy understanding and interpretation:

Sometimes, it so happens that a beginner wishes to show his proficiency in writing good content. The content itself may be impeccable and without any error. However, if the language used is of a higher level, chances are, the people belonging to lower literacy levels may find it extremely difficult and annoying to complete simple tasks online. On the other hand, if the content written is lucid and concise, people belonging to both, the higher and lower literacy levels will find it easy and less daunting to interpret your content.

4. It is important to pay attention to the voice and tone:

Voice and tone are extremely crucial and it is important that the beginner understands its significance when it comes to content strategy, points out a leading SEO Expert in India. There is a stark contrast between voice and tone. Voice is known to mirror the personality of a brand and it helps build a unique identity for that particular brand. The voice, therefore, must be uniform throughout. The tone, however, can change as per the content and the situation that it explains.

5. Use shorter meaningful sentences instead of one long ambiguous statement:

When the sentences are broken down into smaller statements, it enables the Content Management System to use it in a flexible way. This is essential when the content needs to be used on different devices.

6. Use SEO to the best of its ability:

Many people deem SEO as unethical. However, it should be noted that SEO, when used in the right way can bring about positive results which are completely ethical. Content strategists strongly support the use of SEO in a way that follows the rules and regulations laid down by the Webmaster Tools. SEO is not just about stuffing the pages with keywords. There is more to SEO which can be used ethically to get good results.

Guest article written by: Ruby McFadden is a well known Content Strategist and has worked with a [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]leading SEO Expert in India[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]leading SEO Expert in India[/tp]. She is also a freelance copywriter. She is passionate and headstrong and loves to cook for friends and family occasionally.

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