How to Use Twitter Effectively for Business

twitter_logoTwitter is a social media network which is becoming increasingly popular with many businesses. It can be used as a tool for creating increased awareness about your brand or business, as well as building relationships with customers. However, Twitter is only effective when used in the right way.

Here are some tips which will help you use Twitter effectively for business.

1. Follow others

Twitter is a tool that is most effective when there is mutual interaction. If you don’t take time to connect with others, then your business is not likely to benefit from Twitter. Therefore, look for people who share your interests and follow them. It would also be advisable to follow back the people who follow you.

2. Tweet interesting content

One of the best ways of building relationships is by tweeting content which might be to be of interest to your audience. This could be anecdotes, videos, news, photos, messages or experiences. Such content is likely to be retweeted, thus providing additional exposure for your brand or business.

3. Follow a proportionate number

In case the number of people following you back is very low compared to those you are following, people might start having doubts about you. For instance, if you make the choice to follow 250 people in a brief period, while only 5 are following you back, you are likely to be seen as someone who is only intent on spamming others for your own benefit.

4. Engage your audience

Interaction on Twitter mainly involves selective re-tweets, replying or direct messages. Many people make the mistake of using Twitter only to talk about their businesses and brands, while ignoring their fans and customers. Therefore, it is important to take time to respond to as many messages and tweets as possible. This will make your audience feel valued and enhance customer loyalty.

5. Upload your photo

When you open a Twitter account, take time to upload an image of yourself, your brand or your business logo. This will give your account a unique identity. For consistency, it would be advisable to use the same image which appears in your other social network profiles such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

6. Don’t spam

If all you do on Twitter is bombard people with your products and services, then you are not likely to achieve any significant results. Instead, you need to focus on building relationships with people and sharing helpful information. When people see your genuineness, they might then be interested in what you have to sell.

Guest article written by: Charles Mburugu, an internet marketing and social media blogger. Currently, he is writing for [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Host In 15[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Host In 15[/tp], an awesome blog that provides hosting reviews based on real user experience.

19 thoughts on “How to Use Twitter Effectively for Business”

  1. You know what I had been facing problems with Twitter since its launch and now after reading your article I feel I would be able to make my presence over twitter. Let me try all this and then I will tell you the result.

  2. Very nice article, These tips are really awesome, Got great information here, And Thanks for sharing such a useful piece of information.

  3. I think engaging your audience is the most important point. I feel many people miss this one. What do you think?

    • I agree….because social networking is primarily about interacting with people. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Seems to me most of these tips apply to any medium whether it’s twitter, facebook, g+ or blogging posting interesting content and engaging the audience is key

  5. Twitter has emerged as an engaging platform for the marketing moguls in past few years. I use it too for spreading the word around.
    Though I wonder what will be the next big thing in the marketing ????

    Thanks for the info!!! 🙂

  6. Simple, easy to implement and effective. Build a loyal fan base and then make those relationship strong by engaging with them regularly.

  7. I have seen many people twitter who only tweet promotional messages, never see what others are sharing. But the worst thing is that they don’t even have any followers. This is simply spamming and I think lot of people don’t know that they’re spamming.

  8. Twitter is the very useful medium which can boost your brand awareness and sales. I think engaging with other users who share similar interest is the most important part. I want to know how to get more genuine followers as I tweet regularly but didn’t get any followers. Any Tips?

  9. Some excellent tips. I agree with your point about tweeting interesting content, using hash tags for your keyword phrases also helps get your tweets discovered. Although don’t use more than 1 or two per tweet.

  10. I use Twitter a lot and I’m amazed at the opportunities that have come through this social medium alone! I now have over 22,000 followers – some of them are real!

  11. very good media is one of best way to get traffic..facebook and twitter are most important according to me..your tips are useful for me thank you..:)


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