8 softwares people admire most

There are a cloud of softwares in the market. But what softwares belong to the category that people admire most? Let’s take a look!

1. VLC media player

Quite a few people have benefitted from this open-source tool, which is easy-to-use and enables us to play almost everything on multiple platforms. However, the UI of VLC media player, including its logo, is a bit disappointing.

2. C compiler

C compiler has given birth to numerous powerful softwares, along with those burgeoning advanced programing languages like C#, Java, Python and Unix’s C shell. Thank you, Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kernighan, and Ken Thompson. You undoubtedly belong to those who have made indelible contributions to this information age.

3. Linux Kernel

This is another title closer to system software. Linux kernel is said to be one of the most influential and transformative piece of software for the past 20 years although itself is not protosomatic, initially derived from Unix.

4. MS Office Suite

MS Office Suite has played an indispensible role in people’s daily life, both for work and study. We primarily use Word, Excel and PowerPoint while it actually covers 20 applications in total. It is estimated that around 90% of computers are based on Windows OS, on which MS office Suite will be preinstalled apparently.

5. Google Chrome.

More and more people prefer to use Google Chrome among heaps of browsers in the market, because it’s a product of Google! Chrome is fast and won’t easily crash as each web page is independent due to its multi-process architecture. One big pro is that there are plenty of add-ons for Chrome, which you can easily get on its web store.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox has brought a lot of convenience to us. By using this tool, we can feel free to share files with our colleagues on the cloud, without platform restriction, and easily sync the progress of docs, even the reading progress and notes when reading eBooks on various devices. Its 2-G free storage is enough for most people thus you don’t have to pay for it. You can also get more space by inviting friends!

7. Cocoa

Cocoa is Apple’s native object-oriented application programming interface (API) and Cocoa applications are generally accepted as iOS apps written under Cocoa programming environment. With the continuous burning of apple models like iPad and iPad mini, Cocoa has been more and more widely used, especially among program designers.

8. Blender

Blender does not count for much for most people whereas it is a big one for people who work in the fields of 3D animation and game designing. Compared to its peers, it comes with one of the most excellent game engines but occupies the least space (60 M of Blender vs. over 3G of 3ds Max). What’s more, this software is open-source, which means it doesn’t cost you a penny while you have to spend at least 2000 dollars on software like 3ds Max.

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Guest article written by: Ada Wang writes articles concerning eBooks, gadgets and apps for Epubor and eBookConverter.


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Guest article written by: Ada Wang writes articles concerning eBooks, gadgets and apps for Epubor and eBookConverter.


6 thoughts on “8 softwares people admire most”

  1. Hi Ada – Of those 8, I’d have to say I use Chrome, Dropbox, Office and VLC are religiously. How about including a productivity tool such as Evernote? This is a great tool for jotting down notes and you can tag as well which makes them searchable.

    • Hi, Kapil

      Thanks for your comment! I use Evernote as well. Before writing this post, I did a brief search and less people voted for Evernote exclusively. That’s why I left it out while it is indeed helful:)

  2. hey Ada, i must say a good list made by you.
    i personally like vlc player a lot because it almost plays every music file, audio, video everything, however i think km player is also great. i use ms office suite, c compiler, Google chrome and now i’m excited to use drop box, blender and cocoa, it’s good to know about them.

  3. Google Chrome is a nice software. It has great design with gorgeous technology. And i like this software so much.


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