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by Guest Author on June 23, 2014

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Everything in the today’s world is going online and so as the storage of our documents. But, the cloud service stalwart Dropbox has come up with something much better for us. After acquiring the popular Mailbox app, it has launched the new android version on the Mailbox for its android users with enhanced features and better productivity.

With the help of Mailbox, now users just need to swipe their hands to perform the function like delete, add and snooze. Here is a complete hand on review of the Mailbox android app.


Get Used to the Swipe Function

Using the swipe function, you can now easily organize your inbox. To use this feature, you need to log in into your Gmail or iCloud account and those who have the Yahoo or Hotmail, have to wait a little more. Here below is the list of features you can do with the swipe.

Swipe left on the screen to snooze.

Swipe long to the left side to add elements on the Add to List option.

Swipe right side to use the Archive function.

And finally, swipe long right to delete the selected items.

Auto Swipe

Now, this option is something which will handle your mails according to your pattern of dealing with the mails. Like for example, if you are continuously snoozing mails from a particular sender, then the Mailbox will identify that pattern in some time and after collecting the data, it’ll automatically operates snooze on the mails you don’t to deal with or until you’re not ready to deal. Interesting! Isn’t it?

But, don’t think it as the end! The Mailbox will also recognize your pattern of sorting out the mails, like for example, the e-bills. And, again, after observing your activity for a definite interval of time, it’ll automatically send the e-bills to the Achieve box without bothering you. Now, that’s what I call a smart app!

What after Snoozing?

The Snooze factor of this app is absolutely great, but what if I need to check a mail that I snoozed due to hectic schedule and not because it wasn’t important? Relax guys; you got it right there with you!

While you’ll use the snooze option for your mails, you can select the time or action on that particular mail. Take this example, if I’ll choose to snooze a mail from my spouse and I want to read that at 1 PM, then I can simply tag that mail with the time and an alarm will buzz to get me remind of that mail. Easy enough I guess!

You can also prioritize your mails according to your own list like Read at 10; watch a video and much more.


According to me, the Mailbox is just the beginning of the smartness we required from the app nowadays as we humans want to make the minimum effort to get the maximum productivity. And, the Mailbox certainly reduces the effort for us, at least while dealing with the mails we get in our inbox daily.

Guest article written by: Deepak Raghav is a tech enthusiast who loves to write on topics related to graphics, latest gadgets and technology. He is the editor of [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp]. You can connect with him on Google+.


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