AirDroid: Remotely manage your Android from a Web browser

airdroidAndroid is a part of our life and a very crucial one too. People who are always travelling keeps them connected to their base office through Android device, you can also make your presentation over the Android device so you see it is actually a necessity now rather than a luxury. Earlier, when the Android devices came into the market it was a luxury to buy one because of the price, but when the real use of apps and features were explored it soon turned out to be a useful device rather than a status symbol.

Peek a boo into AirDroid

If you hate to manage the Smartphone/tablet and computer simultaneously, then nothing can be better than AirDroid. AirDroid is a free app which you will get from Google Play Store. If you are using Mozilla, Chrome or Opera you can easily manage your phone through the web. For this there is no need to install any other software because you can easily access this app through a web browser. Linux, Mac or Windows all is found compatible with this app.

It will work if your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi but it is preferred that you have your internet connection on so that you can enjoy all the features. The pathway between the AirDroid and the computer is established by Internet.

AirDroid and the setup process

Once you have installed the app on your device you will have to login to your account. Once you register with AirDroid more and more features can be explored so it is better to have an AirDroid account. Though this app you will be able to access Find Phone feature, which allows you to activate an anti-theft feature or delete all information stored on your device remotely.

You will be able to set up if you follow these simple steps –

When you open AirDroid it will provide you with a password and IP address

Now visit the address

And enter the provided password ad you are done.

Now you will be able to enjoy all the features that are available in AirDroid. You will get various icons to manage all the features.

Features which are made available on this app are –

  • Now you do not need to have a USB cable to move things from your Android device
  • You can also receive SMS or send SMS through your PC
  • You will have full control over your Android device through the web browser of your computer
  • Managing apps will be far easier than before
  • You can interact with the AirDroid community on Twitter, Facebook or in AirDroid forum
  • Call from the contacts, share all your content from clipboard and various other interesting features
  • Streaming on the screen of Android is possible in real time

Managing device remotely

Getting connected to AirDroid will give you the full freedom to access all the apps and programs on your Android device with a web browser on your desktop. Now you won’t have to run for your mobile every time it beeps. So, here is a small list of what can be managed through AirDroid –

  • SMS Messages can be managed
  • Contacts can be managed
  • You can even make calls and manage them
  • Call logs are manageable through web browsers now
  • Download, upload, copy ringtones as per your preference
  • Files and data can also be managed efficiently
  • Photos, videos and your music collection can be accessed and enjoyed from a web browser
  • Apps are easily manageable from your desktop
  • Find Phone, Remote Camera, Remote Screenshot capture and Desktop Tools are some of the other features that comes with AirDroid

AirDroid is a great and almost perfect way of accessing your Android device through web browsers. It allows you to enjoy editing pictures, send picture messages, explore music and play them. As it is free of cost you can try this app once and see for yourself how it works.

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