Samsung Galaxy S5: From Release till Now

Samsung Galaxy S5The wait is over (well in125 countries it is…for  the rest of us,its’ just keeping calm). The Samsung galaxy S5 has been launched and how! The response till now has been overwhelming, with people flocking the streets in Korea, USA, UK and countless other places to get their hands on this big boy.(Even the discovery of an unicorn might not have gathered so many eyeballs).  With an enviable legacy to keep up to (The galaxy S family has a huge name in the domain of smartphones after all), it will be interesting to see how the Galaxy S5 ship fares in this rather tumultous sea of smartphones!

Based on the initial public response,however, it seems that the house of Samsung has yet again delivered a winner. The early reports in Korea indicate that the S5 has already crossed the first day sales of its predecessor, the S5, by leaps and bounds. A 30%-100% higher average opening day sales than the S4, the newest family member has established its name, with sales figures almost doubling that of its prototype. So much so, that it has already worried the Samsung manufacturers as to whether they will be able to meet the market demand or not.(let’s hope they do!)

While some smartphone manufacturers might take this as a good news to show that the market has not reached its saturation stage yet, the oodles of features that Samsung has lined up this time will surely not be music to their ears. [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]The S5[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]The S5[/tp] in its entirety is a reflection of the fact that Samsung has started appreciating the consumer’s words and opinions, and the innovations in their latest product is a clear evidence to that!

So what’s in it exactly– First and foremost, the looks, design and feel of the instrument have been subtly restructured to great effect. They have still maintained a utility serving plastic body, with easy access to the battery and less-prone to scratches and dents. The screen is slightly bigger than its earlier version at 5.1.inches. The dimpled back design add to the sleekness of the phone, and it is available in colors of black, white,gold and purple,with more shades lined up.

They have chosen top-of –the –line Snapdragon 801 processor, which gives it a better clocking rate than most other phones in the arena. The android 4.4 kitkat software system has been touched upon to create a much better and user friendly interface, while the superAMOLED panel enriches the tone of on screen images so that the colors are more natural and not a strain to look at.

The camera is a real delight with 16MP, LED dual flash and a first time used ISOCELL  sensor developed by Samsung at its core. The spark of genius is evident in the inclusion of HDR technology that helps to take multiple shots with an unbelievable focussing speed of just 0.3 seconds! It gives you a live preview of how your dynamic high range is going to turn up!Selective focus lets you adjust the depth of field even after you have taken the shot!

The camera flash is not only clicking away pictures, it is also doubling up as your health monitor as it acts as a heart rate sensor. You need to just place your finger on it and it will measure your heart beat frquency. Apart from that, a feature that has gathered huge favourable reactions from the public, cynics and fanboys alike, is the IP67 standard that ensures The S5 will survive for 30 mins under 1 metre of water!

It is great to see that Samsung, even after holding the lion’s share of the market in the smartphones sector for quite a lot of time now, still have the zeal to churn out products that ensure their continued leadership as well as bulding trust among the consumers. They have shown an intent to listen to customers and critics alike, and the resultant innovations have got them a much more than promising beginning to a year that will probably turn to be huge for these smartphone kings from Korea!

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