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by Emily on August 28, 2017

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Every time Apple launches a new iPhone, it’s a big news. But there is something special about the upcoming iPhone 8 and it appears to be most significant release from Apple for years. In fact, the most important thing about it is that it’s going to be the 10th anniversary release from Apple and this fact alone makes this new iPhone special.

With such importance of the upcoming iPhone, Apple appears to be coming up with a massive overhaul with this flagship iPhone. And, according to all the rumors floating around, Apple is going to release a line of three iPhones together – the other two being iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

Here in this post, we’ve tried to cover everything revealed about the upcoming iPhone so far. So, take a look and get the feel of all-new iPhone 8 well before its official release in September.

How The New iPhone 8 Design Will Be Like?

There have been lots of news and rumors around that suggest Apple’s flagship iPhone that is expected to release in September this year will see a massive design overhaul. The other two iPhones that are coming along are expected to come with almost same design to previous models. But as far as iPhone 8 is concerned, it’s going to be a special release with a tall, bezel-free design and 5.8” AMOLED display which will cover entire front of the new device.

Apple has also decided to get rid of the physical Home Button that used to be common in all the iPhone models previously. There will be onscreen buttons instead, and there will be face recognition features that might be the reason why Apple has to make such changes in the design of the new iPhone.

There are other rumors as well which suggest that rear of the new iPhone will be made from glass completely. There are also rumors that there will be a curved screen just like what we have in Samsung Galaxy S8.

What Major Features Will Be There In New iPhone 8?

The common practice for Apple is to come up with a couple of new major features, at least, in all its iPhone iterations. There are also some additions and tweaks around the tech they use in new iPhones.

There have been evidences that new iPhone 8 is coming with new wireless charging features. It will also be completely waterproof and will go a step further from water resistant iPhone 7. There might be some 3D face scanner as well and it is also expected to be the replacement for Touch ID when it comes to purchase authorization and unlocks. And this thing will also be integrated into the surface of the screen and there won’t be any separate button built physically into the device.

As it appears, face recognition in upcoming iPhone will be much better compared to what we already have in Galaxy S8 from Samsung. The interesting part is that your phone will be able to detect your face even when it is lying down on a table.

That’s really something special and we haven’t seen anything like that before from any other smartphone brand out there. Just wait until iPhone 8 is released for public to have a taste of the experience itself.

What About The iPhone 8 Camera?

As suggested by the leaked images floating around on the internet, the iPhone 8 will feature dual camera towards its rear and its main difference from the one we had in iPhone 7 Plus is in arrangement. The lenses are arranged vertically in the iPhone 8.
Supposedly, the arrangement of the lenses has been altered for improving 3D depth perception while holding the phone in portrait orientation to better setup the camera for employing AR functions. There is a lot suggesting Apple will be bringing AR to the new iPhone 8 and this means the new iPhone will use camera for much more than just snapping photos and capturing videos.
As far as the specs are concerned, the new phone is expected to come with 12MP rear camera – the same that we have in recent iPhones – but it will offer better optical image stabilization. As for the front cam, Apple decided to upgrade it to 7MP in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and the same is expected to ship with iPhone 8. There is, however, a “Smart Cam” feature that is expected to come in new iPhone and apparently it adjusts capture settings according to the item at which you’re pointing your phone.
The major upgrade, however, is going to be on video side. There are reports that the new iPhone will capture 4K videos at 60fps, and both rear and front cams will be capable of the same.
So, it’s just the shred of all the new features and upgrades that are coming with new iPhone 8. Just stay tuned to find out more. It is probably the most exciting new release Apple has ever made.

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En alawami September 16, 2017 at 22:26

The iPhone 8 release date is September 22. You’ll have the capacity to pre-arrange the iPhone 8 from September 15 out of a few nations including the UK, US and Australia.


Lewis Howard October 20, 2017 at 12:06

This is definitely a top notch phone. I can’t wait to lay my hands on it.


Hamza Khalil June 25, 2020 at 20:05

Amazing new features in iPhone 8, Definitely going to buy this phone
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