4 Incredible Tips for Earning Quality Backlink without Generating More Content

When it comes to search engine optimisation, backlinks are of great essence. Getting quality backlinks from numerous genuine sites indicates that you have interesting and informative content many sites would love to share with their users. Unfortunately, provision of such quality content takes time without forgetting other resources. Is that enough reason to get worried? Well, probably not. The promotion of backlinks to your site is possible without necessarily writing more content every two days. How exactly is that possible? Simply,stay put and explore the tips below.

Take Advantage of Online Publication Quotations

One of the easiest ways of earning genuine backlinks is by having your quotes feature in social media posts and other forms of online publications. Besides earning you backlinks, such quotes can also shed light on your company thereby focusing the right attention and generating healthy traffic. In the past, quotes have been used in articles to substantiate claims. If this is the case, you will benefit from multiple backlinks from sites that use yours as their reference source.

Earning quality backlinks is all about building authority, credibility and leadership in your industry. By having your quotes appear on online publications, you will achieve this painlessly. The big question now becomes; how do you ensure your quotes are featured in such publications?

One guaranteed option is landing a couple of interviews. For this to work, you must ensure the platform is relevant. It can be a TV show, an industry magazine, radio show or even podcasts. You also need to find out if it is something that has succeeded before. For instance, search ‘dentist radio interviews’. While doing this, you must prepare yourself, ready to highlight everything that you have in place for potential listeners and readers. Is there something different you are bringing on the table?

In the past, certain programs like HARO have also worked. Such platforms bring together researches and experts. You can also exploit other avenues. The most important thing is to ensure you are well prepared to deliver the information in a way that it can be quoted easily. Ideally, your focus should be quotable statements.

Engage the Community in your Business

Involving the local community in your business presents it with the opportunity of being linked in local blogs, news and social media. Worth noting, this isn’t a one-sided affair. Your relationship with the community should be mutual so don’t just focus on getting backlinks. Your relationship with community should feature prominently in your list of priorities. Be careful to engage the communities in activities and events that share the same goals with your business.

You might probably be asking yourself; how do I start my journey of engaging the community. Simply get to local community websites and look for;

  • Charity activities
  • Local events you can sponsor
  • Chances of offering scholarships
  • Ways of hosting trade shows and networking events
  • Ways of hiring locally from the community
  • Partnerships with other local businesses to provide discounts

For brands that are already actively involved in their communities, you shouldn’t shy away from being vocal about it. One great aspect about community involvement is that you not only get quality backlinks but also improve the image of your brand.

Establish and Strengthen Partnerships

Well, building strong partnerships is an essential way of swapping links. This long-term investment will see you earn quality links from businesses with which you share similar values. However, earning quality links shouldn’t be at the core of your objectives when establishing partnerships. If for instance you approached a company like www.Gobbim.com just to exchange links, you started on the wrong footing. Go for actual business affiliations as opposed to just links.

Have a page or sections of your site where you list companies you have mutual partnerships with. It becomes easier requesting backlinks from such businesses. Yet again, you shouldn’t just stop at asking for links, you need to find better ways in which the businesses can advertise your partnerships on their own site. This must be done in a natural way that is beneficial to both parties. Besides the partner’s page, you can look for ways in which they can link you through their news sections and blog posts. Approach this with sobriety and clear intent of benefiting everyone involved.

Exploit Connections with List and Directories

It might be true that search engines have replaced physical directories. However, you cannot deny the existence of multiple online local directories. Having your website listed on such sites can prove itself vital in your link-hunting mission. This is a perfect opportunity of getting genuine backlinks besides offering a rare opportunity of others to find you and link back.

While searching for relevant directories, you must be careful enough to find updated, high traffic directories managed by human beings. It is agreeable that most directories accepting non-spam requests are highly competitive. That withstanding, you should be able to find ways of getting the directories to recognize your brand and see the need to add it.

Doing genuine testimonial for others

The natural things companies expect is having customers leave their comments and testimonies behind. You do not have to be on the receiving end every time. Maybe time is ripe for you to write testimonies for other businesses. Any company listing your reviews will most probably provide a link back to your site. It proves that they actually received reviews from a real company. At the end of the day, everyone will have genuine reasons to laugh. To be able to do this effectively, you need to have a list of all the products and services your company uses. Choose carefully the list of companies you endorse because you don’t want this to work against you.


Google and other search engines prioritize backlinks when it comes to ranking various websites. While regular generation is key in achieving this, it is not the only viable path to gaining such links. You can exploit other opportunities. This guide provides you with the perfect start!

Guest article written by: Jeremy Glory is an SEO enthusiast. He has more than five years of experience developing SEO contents for various companies in New York. Feel free to check some of his posts from www.Gobbim.com.

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