Agile Automation Technique: 3 Major Steps for Agile Automation Testing

by Guest Author on September 15, 2017

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What is agile automation Technique?

Due to the digitization of businesses, the need to leverage software development processes and software testing services has become certainly important. Among various types of software testing methodologies, the agile software testing method is the one widely used by the software developers across the nation. In the process of software development, Agile software testing service primarily seeks to test the functionality of the agile software in a given computer system.

Nowadays, automation tools are highly in use as in any software development model, the primary advantages of automation are speed, comprehensiveness, reliability, programmability, and reusability. It’s no different for Agile. Several types of automation tools include functional automation, Automated GUI, API testing automation and performance testing.

The two major advantages of automation in Agile software testing method include –

  • Quick turnarounds – Unlike other software development approach, Agile method calls for quick turnarounds for QA (Quality Assurance).
  • Quality Assured – With the help of a proper automation suite, the quality of the product can be assured at a given point of time.

How to strategize agile automation testing?

After knowing about Agile software testing services and the benefits of Agile automation, here learn about how to make strategies for Agile automation testing. Automation testing is one of the biggest promoters of speed. It is crucial in maintaining the quality of the software tools. Agile automation testing process helps the testers in reducing the repetitive tasks and shortening the time in order to produce quality testing results.

Here are some of the fundamental steps that you need to follow when developing a test automation strategy –

1. Choose the right test case to automate – Writing automated scripts manually is time-consuming. Therefore, as a software developer, you need to be smart about choosing which test case to automate – Repetitive tests, large data set tests, and high risk tests, tests for different browsers or environments.

2. Run the test automation throughout a sprint– It can be done in three ways:

  • Before the sprint – In this, the testing begins before the development of a new function. It is a keyword-based test and has a simple process – login, upload a file and log out.
  • During the Sprint – As soon as a function is developed, testing the unit during the sprint process is crucial. It is an important method to apply when you are attempting to extract value for automation.
  • After the sprint – In this, you can make estimation about how well the process is working. This will help you to improve the testability of the product in the long run.

3. Develop automated tests that last – Automated agile testing can even get messy at times. Several tests that were once relevant can become useless. Therefore, you should choose those test cases that will last long. Make the tests flexible, write in action terms that are supported by back end functions and in a domain-language approach.

In automated agile software testing, the key is to identify the relevant test cases and draft scripts in a way that it becomes easy to avoid making any type of inevitable changes. Agile Automation testing is, undoubtedly, an important skill set for software engineers today!

Guest article written by: Chirag Tumar, A 5-years experienced developer in Nexsoftsys, has vast knowledge about content writing. Nexsoftsys is an Offshore Software Testing Services Company. Chirag wrote many technical content from his experience. Twitter Handle: @ThumarChirag

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Antoine Aarts October 5, 2017 at 09:27

Hi Buddy,

Nice Post!!!

Test automation is key to quicker progress at a higher quality. Efficient test automation helps mitigate challenges faced by an Agile QA team. I always recommend my team to follow Agile method for the development process. Software development has transformed over time from waterfall method to Agile.

Thanks for sharing such a valuable post and Keep Sharing !!!!



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