Can Guest Blogging Enhance Website Rankings on the SERPs Today?

Gone are the days when improving your page ranks for your website was easy. Businesses have now understood the importance of search engine optimization, and this is why the algorithms of search engines have become smarter and sophisticated. The primary target here is to ensure that visitors get access to credible websites that provide value and information. The techniques that were once accepted in the past have become black or gray hat techniques that are no longer allowed. In some cases, if you are not careful, Google will impose stringent penalties on you.

The challenge remains for business websites- they need traffic and rankings. Now the question is how you, as a business owner, can ethically get these rankings?

The good news is that there are compelling white-hat strategies that you can embrace today for improving the search engine rankings of your website. One of them is guest blogging if you can use it in the right way. Guest blogging was popular and widely sought after in the past, however, are they still relevant and useful for search engine optimization today?

What do the experts say?

When it comes to the use and the relevance of guest posts and blogging today, different SEO experts have varied views. In the recent years, you had seen that guest blogging came under fire as they were one of the easiest ways for websites to get backlinks. It is evident that most webmasters went about asking people to write guest posts for their blogs. These guest bloggers never used source links in their posts. They always added a link back to their own website. The content they wrote on was usually generalized, and they contain a lesser volume of insights for the reader to grasp. In fact, to some search engine optimization experts, guest blogging had no value at all. Today, experienced Los Angeles SEO professionals say there has been much debate when it came to the question of guest posts being effective for search engine optimization and building links for your website. Many website owners are still not sure as to whether they should resort to it or not when it came to improving page ranks for their sites.

The history of guest posts

In 2014, the head of Google’s Webspam Matt Cutts said that guest posts were not beneficial for building links. He even said that if you are posting many guest posts, it means that you are not with the right company. At that time, guest posts were effective for a business website to get backlinks. It was because the standard guest post was about 500 words long and had no links to its sources and presented no new insight or commentary. From the above, you may frame the idea that guest posts are no longer valuable however this is not true. You still have the chance to rely on these guest posts and reap in search engine optimization benefits.

What should you keep in mind for guest posts?

The issue with guest posts is that most of the guest bloggers do not address the concerns of the reader. They are not as bothered as you to ensure that the reader of their posts derives value from it. The only thing that they look for is a link and the easiest way to get it is by writing a guest post. However, when it comes to guest posts, you get an opportunity that they do not. Guest posts can help you in search engine optimization in a direct way. When you are posting relevant content on your blogs, you will boost authority and get increased social shares. These are some ways to help Google notice you and take you seriously. Once you post high-quality blogs and articles, you will build links that will help you to increase search engine ranks with success. Therefore, stuffing your content with low-quality links or even third-party links that you pay for is a bad idea that worked in the past, opting for guest blogging is a useful tool when it comes to increasing the authority of your website and improving the visibility of your search. ‘

Therefore, when it comes to guest blogging and posts, it is essential for you to keep the above in mind. Ensure that you choose skilled writers and ask them to write relevant content for your website. It will help you improve search engine visibility and help web visitors find you easily. When it comes to developing your search engine ranks for your site, it is crucial for you to devise an SEO strategy with the consultation of experienced and skilled experts in Los Angeles. It will give you a competitive edge in the market and help you in a significant way to improve search engine ranks for your website as well.

Guest article written by: William James is an experiencedLos Angeles SEOexpert who helps small to large business websites improve their search engine ranks and web presence online.

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