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Today I want to give a quick shout-out to “Dave Bitcoin”. I follow the tech industry close and love everything tech-related, even Bitcoins. So obviously I had some Bitcoins from long ago, for which I unfortunately had forgotten my wallet password. The Bitcoins were now gone. The horror! Or were they…?

I was under the impression that such a wallet couldn’t really be hacked (or recovered), but I figured I might as well try. After a quick search I found Dave Bitcoin from along with some recommendations. E-mailed him, but unfortunately he didn’t yet support wallets from the Bitcoin software I had been using, but told me to give him a few months and then he should be able to.

Waited a few months, contacted him again – and voila!

Sent him the wallet through e-mail along with some tips to what I thought the password might contain. After a few days he came back with the correct password, he kept the 20% fee (as agreed) and returned the rest.


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