Ten Great Websites to Find the Latest Technology News

Keeping up with all the advancements in science and technology these days can be time-consuming. Get access to the latest in technology news faster by checking out one of the expert recommended websites below.

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Five Blogs to Follow for the Latest Tech News

1. Digital Trends

A massive online hub of information regarding computer gaming and technology, Digital Trends is a very popular website with tons of easy-to-read articles on modern technology and tech news.
Geared towards the non-technologically advanced, the articles and blog posts break down complex information in more easily digested forms for readers to understand how these new technologies affect their lives.

2. The Verge

The Verge is one of the most popular technology blogs on the Internet in 2017 with more than 2 million Facebook fans and 1.5 million Twitter followers. Famous for their simplified guides about the latest tech trends and news you need to know, The Verge aims to provide helpful information about technology and how it affects society. You can find hundreds of other articles regarding modern scientific advancements, posts about arts and culture, and news from the transportation industry.

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3. Mashable

Most people are already familiar with the mega-website, Mashable. It is one of the most influential technology blogs currently on the web with almost 4 million Facebook followers and close to 8 million followers on their Twitter account, Mashable Tech. Mashable offers geographically-focused sites for users in the Americas, France, the UK, Asia, and Australia. They offer useful lifestyle and technology guides, reviews of all the coolest new gadgets, the most up-to-date tech news, and tons more information in the worlds of science, business, and culture.

4. Engadget

If you want a blog that focuses exclusively on all the newest, most interesting gadgets available on the market then Engadget is the blog for you. Engadget was established in 2004 and has been exploring and discussing the latest technologies and cutting-edge gadgets since their humble beginning. You can expect witty, meticulously evidenced articles alongside breaking news posts updated at all hours of the day and night.

5. The Next Web

Another blog known for witty articles with lots of useful information, The Next Web started in 2006 as an online space for the founders to connect with other tech-heads and promote technologically focused events or conferences. The Next Web posts technology articles on a daily basis and works hard to make all the information they share as easily digestible as possible for all people, not just the tech-savvy. You can find gadget reviews and articles about business and culture as well.

Five News-Focused Websites with Articles on Technology Current Events

1. TechCrunch

One of the most popular websites for technology news, TechCrunch is a wealth of resources for start-up companies and other enterprises seeking information on how different technologies can help their new business. They provide breaking news 24 hours a day, current events in technology, as well as tech and gadget reviews regarding the latest products available. It is an open source database with helpful information for investors, start-up companies, and everyday people looking to learn more about modern technology.

2. Wired

Another well known website for technology news, Wired offers more than just information about the latest in tech. The content on Wired strives to show how technology affects every aspect of our lives and how it is constantly changing our daily life, security, transportation, gadgets, modern design, science, and business.

3. TechRadar

TechRadar is a news website completely dedicated to covering all tech related news from the latest apps for tablets, laptops, and smartphones. They also offer news regarding new cameras, applications for Android or iOS systems, and wearable technologies like Fitbits. Find convenient how-to guides and lists like the top smartphones of 2017 or where to find the best Cyber Monday deals for electronics.

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4. Arstechnica

The oldest tech news website on this list, Arstechnica was founded in 1998 and remains one of the most trusted online resources for the latest information in tech policy analysis, game reviews, hardware performance analysis, and scientific advancements. You can find much of the info available as a PDF or e-book since they were one of the first tech sites to offer information in these forms.


Arguably the best source for tech news on the Internet, CNET publishes articles and videos daily about technology and the latest and greatest in gadgets. If it has to do with technology, you will find it on CNET, from smart home devices and electronic car accessories to reviews of new televisions and the latest rumors about emerging technologies. It also offers free downloads of (mostly) free games, mobile apps, and softwares popular with tech heads.

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