Destiny 2 – Know what one of the biggest online video games of our times has in store for you

Video games are much more than just a hobby as millions of people around the world play video games including online games like Destiny.  Destiny 2 is hot property in the world of multiplayer first-person video games that turned out to be critical and commercial hit.  If asked to name the most successful online video game that has enthralled and game lovers in 2017 with top class entertainment, no one would hesitate to choose Destiny 2 without batting an eyelid. The newest version of the game that made its first appearance in 2014 has garnered raving reviews and even met with considerable commercial success.  Just about a year ago, in August 2017, there were 1.2 million people hooked to it, and the number keeps swelling.

Earlier, many other blockbuster games that had a humdrum story had enjoyed mass popularity, but Destiny 2 is unique because it is far ahead of its contemporaries in its genre. It will not be wrong to say that Destiny 2 is the numero uno choice of video gamers who seem to have a compelling attraction for it. The complex storyline becomes attractive due to skillful delivery that increases the attachment and fun. Once the players get a taste of it, they find it hard to stay away from it, and such is the attraction created by the team that created the game.

Addictive game design remains concealed as a familiar story unfolds

Like novels and films, video games too, thrive upon a story that becomes the narrative and keep the audience glued to it but the way the game creators use the narrative is entirely different. In films and novels, the story is the blueprint of backbone, but in video games like Destiny 2, the storyline remained flexible and used as a decorative element that undergoes tweaking and changing and even overhauling for the sake of matching with the game’s overall design. Indeed, this does not mean that the stories in video games are bad. On the contrary, the story bears the entire load of the complex games and prevents it from collapsing under its weight duly supported by inputs from music, art and many other invisible systems that impart the ‘feel’ to the games.

The storyline of Destiny 2

The story of the video game Destiny 2 revolves around the attack on humanity’s last great city by the heavily built alien force the Red Legion, led by Ghaul, its military leader.  In the attack, the Guardians or the Earth’s protectors have lost their special powers by which they could come back from dead. The story maintains a straightforward approach that appears intentional and despite the weird names, overlapping incentives and warring factions, it would appear not much challenging to those who have experienced the Game of Thrones.

The structure of the story owes in parts to heist films like Ocean’s Eleven and wanderlust comedies like Blue Brothers. The player travels across the solar system and space to regain the powers, build an army with a handful of allies and weapons and with their help extract revenge most spectacularly and elaborately imaginable.

The core of the attraction of Destiny 2 lies in the engine that drives players towards playing uninterruptedly for hundreds of hours spread over many months, and that can even run into years. The growth that the player’s character undergoes is brilliantly designed with an interface and bundle of feedback loops that make playing the game intuitively and seamlessly a breeze. Even those who are averse to play jargon-heavy science fiction games would not mind trying their hands casually at Destiny 2 due to the deft combination of the narrative and character.

The game is addictive no doubt

Addiction manifests by disabling the self-control of humans, and once you start playing Destiny 2, the pleasure you derive from the game is so overwhelming that it becomes difficult to stop playing. That happens even though many players do not have the time and capability to complete many of the endgame activities. The attraction of finishing the game is so much compelling that in such cases; they seek professional help from Destiny 2 Guardian Services, an online service provider that has the expertise to guide players to complete the game.

There is a discrete element in the design of the game for nurturing compulsion. Players receive rewards for their ranks and weapons based on the amount of time they invest. The ranks of players move up as they progress in the game and with it comes new abilities and weapons that are powerful enough to battle the enemies that too keep growing in power as the game moves through new areas. Occasionally, the player receives rare awards that either move up their rank or enhance their unique abilities.

Be rewarded for the time you invest

Beginning solo gives the opportunity to the player to move up the skill ladder and invest adequate time for acquiring the best weapons and embarking on foreign missions to match with their friends who have made an early beginning and are in the later phases of the game. The player has to attain a certain rank by going through the ‘grinding,’ a series of menial tasks included in the game and must complete the main campaign.  This process can take several hours over many days but players who play the game in free time would be facing an uphill task to participate in some of the most spectacular events, not for lack of skill but because the game’s design would decimate the damage-inflicting abilities of low ranking players. As a result, squads may show the door to low ranking players whom they consider a liability.

The question arises about what matters most in the game – your skills in advancing in the game of the amount of time you invest in it. Taking help from professionals like Guardian Services is perhaps a more positive way to overcome individual limitations and be at level with your friends by learning the best means of leveling up.

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