The Best Indie PC Games of 2018

History of indie PC games:

Before the rise of the internet, indie PC games were discussed through word of mouth and distributed through mail order, so tended to slip under the radar. Today, games are distributed digitally so they are accessible to all.

Level playing field

The gaming market is now a level playing field and indie PC games receive the attention they deserve. Innovative video games made on a shoestring by one individual can now compete with those made on a huge budget by big companies with clever marketing campaigns.

This has led to financially successful indie games such as Minecraft and World of Goo. Many developers preserve their independent spirit by sharing games for free, such as Cave Story.

The present day

In 2018, a range of exciting indie games are taking on all comers. For now, we are going to focus on the best shooting games and the best bike games. These are available to play for free on independent websites.

The best shooting games

First person shooting games have been a PC staple since the release of DOOM and there is more variety than ever in 2018. In neo noir Lone Wolf, you play an enigmatic assassin who does whatever it takes to join The Assembly, a mysterious organisation which operates on the wrong side of the law.

As its title suggests, this is a single player shooting game, so there is no pressure to compete with seasoned pros. The immersive storyline draws you in and you find out the history and motivations of this secretive sharp-shooter.

Multi-player shooting games include Secret Laboratory which is set in a dystopian future and deals with the fallout when prisoners used as lab rats escape from an underground facility.

In this imaginative horror game developed from the Creepy Pasta website, you can play a scientist, a specimen or soldier, so you face a different scenario each time.

Paintball Fun is a light-hearted multi-player shooting game that allows you to practise your aim. The objective is to splash the opposing players and collect flags.

Bullet Force is for more advanced players and features weapons customisation and multiple game modes.

Realistic Zombie Warfare is set in the near future and allows you to prepare for the zombie apocalypse!

The best biking games

Moto Trials Industrial is a 3D bike game where you ride a motorcycle and avoid obstacles in a desolate landscape. In Bike Trial Snow Ride, you battle through arctic conditions to reach the finish line.

Speedier bike games include Highway Rider Extreme which is a race against time to collect coins and avoid traffic in order to gain bonus time to complete the game.

Dirt bike games include Motorbike Freestyle which allows you to release your inner stunt biker and perform back flips and rotational flips.

You also join forces with other riders as the game progresses. Younger players are not left out as junior bike games such as Neon Rider are also available.

Things are looking good

As you can see, indie PC games have come a long way since their inauspicious beginnings in the 1970s. They can now compete with the best that commercial producers have to offer.

Guest article written by: Yvonne Illingworth

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