6 Best SEO Tactics That You Can Employ to Generate Increased Web Traffic

by Guest Author on March 11, 2018

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It is the 21st century, and impressive technological developments have taken a clean sweep over the world! People are shifting to online platforms for business promotion, owing to its incremental benefits. Studies highlight that 89.3% of companies enjoy a boost in sales as soon as they switch to online business modules. It is time to bid farewell to conventional business practices as we walk into the era of efficient and advanced SEO.

An in-depth understanding of SEO is essential for maximizing brand awareness, brand recall, and web traffic. At this very moment, several online viewers are searching for content that your website offers, and with the correct application of SEO, you can help these people reach your site. Hubspot reveals that approximately 80% of website traffic starts through an online search query. It establishes the significance of SEO.

Do you want to optimize your website as per latest SEO standards? It would require creative experimentation and research. Furthermore, Google’s algorithms are in a state of constant flux. So, if you want to maximize web traffic successfully, here are the top 6 SEO tactics to consider.

1. Know what your users are looking for

Google is a big data company! Hence, every platform, device, and tool designed by Google has just one primary objective – to procure data from users and utilize it to create a robust search engine. That is what you ought to think about yourself. You should focus on learning what your target consumers are searching for. As you get clear on what they want, you have all inputs to churn out content that will attract them. Paying close attention to target customer feedbacks is a step closer to drawing in high web traffic.

2. Conduct a thorough SEO audit of the website

Simply put, SEO audit refers to reviewing total website performance, creating new objectives based on findings and deploying the best strategies to attain the same. By doing this, your profits will rise, as you optimize existing content.

When conducting an audit, you must ask yourself some critical questions including – does every website page contain SEO meta titles and descriptions? Have you optimized the URL structure for search engines? Have you been utilizing links to your content? Has every web page been optimized with SEO keywords? Does every image come with keywords in ALT tags? Are your blog posts and pages been formatted well?

3. Consider getting listed

One of the potent ways to maximize web traffic is to have your website listed on various online review sites and directories. In fact, for a majority of such sites, there will be a link to your website in your profile. Hence, when you consistently update the listings and garner positive reviews, your web traffic is likely to increase. An SEO expert like Nakuru SEO can help you get organized with these listings.

4. Utilize rich long-tail keywords in your content

It is true that online viewers search frequently using short-tail keywords. However, it is challenging to get high ranks with the same. The smart way out is using long-tail keywords that make it easier for you to rank high. Your website can appear on the first page of search results as for queries related to your core service or product. Moreover, as voice-to-text capacities and search engines evolve, individuals will start using precise phrases for online searches.

5. Say yes to guest blogs

When a micro-influencer agrees to publish a blog on your website, it automatically increases web traffic. As a bonus, your web content gets an exciting variety. Your regular visitors understand that you are enthused about getting engaging content for them that would add value. Furthermore, it is a smart move to request an influencer to give a mention to your brand when they create a round-up post or write their reviews. You could also shape-shift an influencer interview into a blog post to garner more traffic.

Alternatively, you too can be a guest blogger. Recognize appropriate online businesses close to your space whose customers might be interested in your product or service offerings as well. See whether you can offer an engaging content with an edge to their blog, and the content should include your website link. Review the content relevance before sharing to steer away from any confusing marketing message.

6. Create a mobile-friendly website

Today, it is not enough for your website to just look great on mobile devices, but it should also perform smoothly. Google’s algorithm update on May 2016 revealed that mobile-friendly sites would receive higher rankings than the non-responsive ones. More than 60% of searches are made from smartphones. Furthermore, Business Insider estimates that by 2020, approximately 45% of e-commerce sales in the US will be generated from mobile devices.

Every new age entrepreneur has the vision to enjoy increased web traffic. They want to expand their online customer base. This dream can come true, provided the business scores high ranks on Google and other search engine platforms. That is where efficient and customized SEO plays a vital role. Deploying these smart six tried and tested SEO tactics will help online businesses to make profits.

Guest article written by: Sandy Meyer is an SEO professional with a particular interest in online and content marketing. A leader and voracious reader, she has been researching on Nakuru SEO. As a fast learner, she has learned about SEO and digital marketing through her own professional experiences. 

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