7 Tips for Creating Magnetic Content

Content marketing can be best described in simple terms as a pull strategy. Instead of sending out self-promotional messages you attract people by sharing engaging, customer-focused content as a magnet.

In order to make your content marketing strategy work and attract prospects, you need to have magnetic content in the first place. Hire PHP Developers Online Team, suggests you use these seven tips for your 2018-19 marketing mix.

It needs to be brand-relevant

Real magnetic content expresses your brand strategy. If it is not related to your brand, there is no charm in your business, so you want the content to shine your business objectives and seize around its promise.

Why do you need this type of content? Whether it is for traffic, reach or branding, it depends on your answer, it will really affect the type of content you create and where you send it out. Always make sure you are creating it for the right audience.

Make it mobile-friendly

Mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) are rapidly becoming people’s main internet viewing devices. So, it is important that your blog, website and all other types of content are mobile-friendly.

And magnetic content not only gets you in, but it also keeps you involved because it’s easy to absorb on a mobile device. No matter how precious your information is, how irresistible the copy is and how extraordinary the design is, if your audience is uncomfortable in viewing it on their mobile devices, all your effort will be lost in vain.

Therefore, it is essential that your content is designed to accommodate the multi-screen world we live in today so that every user can enjoy the same great experience.

Throw in some inspiration

It’s not necessary for magnetic content to be inspiring, but, when done right, inspiration can do wonders. Apart from projecting a stronger brand image, inspirational content can associate your business with a meaningful stand.

For example, Levi’s Now Is Our Time is based on this idea. Levi’s campaign is designed to target their young and independent-minded customer by projecting brand’s core values of pioneering, equality and freedom. They simply made their content resonate with their audience so much that they were actually compelled to share it with their family and friends on social.

Choose your content type

The type or format of your content plays a vital role in how it is shared and perceived by your audience.  You can use a mixture of the following formats to experiment your marketing campaigns:

  • Infographics

Can be used to display or summarize sets of numbers in form of an appealing visual. In fact, it is one of the quick and easy ways for someone to showcase your content and attribute a link back to your social channel or website.

  • Short form posts

This covers the questions and answers and review posts. Even a simple forum comment or Quora chat thread could be a method of sharing content and attracting website visitors.

  • Videos

Are a great way to connect with your audience. Especially, if you are aiming to use YouTube as your primary marketing channel, then videos are a necessity. You are likely to pull in more prospects by effectively utilizing the videos.

  • Long posts

For example, in-depth articles, notes, and blogs. Long-form posts are ideal for highlighting and discussing complex issues within your industry. However, for this type of content, you need to have strong evidence and data to support your stance.

  • Ultimate guides

Are likely to perform well in every industry and social channel. Ultimate guides rank well and if they are written well, can help you win a good number of links.

  • Slideshows

Ideal for b2b marketing. You can also embed slideshows within different blog posts or articles.


And once you have created your write-up, there is no stopping to use it in many ways to get the best advantage out of it and expand its reach. For instance, if you make a video, you could create a PowerPoint and share the slideshows on social channels. But you could also copy it into written format and create a blog post. And then you could outline all the main points and hire a designer to create an infographic.

Modifying your content

Do not ignore your on-page SEO. Make sure this is at the limit and you can take an advantage of it when you do start to build links to those pages. You also want to raise the content in terms of developing the audience experience. This means:

  • Write great, attractive titles with your keywords,
  • Don’t fill your write-up with too many words. It should be easy to read and separated with pictures when appropriate.
  • Do not become a machine, don’t be afraid to show your personality in your content- people will adore it and will respect you for it,
  • Keep the tone informal, keep your text short and do not write it like you are writing a thesis for the university,
  • Keep your link structure short, and with some keywords in it,
  • Make the content easy to search (should be able to search it from the home page, in under 4 clicks),
  • Don’t just start putting up random words for the sake of it, don’t go off track from your content, write about things that you are really interested and want to help audience with.

Magnetic content speaks out the story

The excellent content begins with a powerful, compelling idea. It offers a platform and addition that goes beyond a plain, dead-end execution. And generates activity around a story that is relevant to your brand.

It simply does not mean that the content is primarily about your brand. The story is the top priority it must come first. Magnetic content is always about mortal experience. It is attractive because it is meaningfully social. And its strengths lie on a scale to which it reflects and expands people’s vision of themselves.

What matters the most for you when it comes to creating magnetic content for your brand? Let us know in the comments below.

Guest article written by: Nouman Ali Awan has hands-on experience as an SEO Expert. He currently works at Hire PHP Developers: Web design and SEO services UK Company offers exceptional SEO auditing services to the UK clientele. Also, he writes informative blogs and articles on varied SEO related subjects and helps readers know the best tips on how to optimize a website over the web using SEO tools and techniques.

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