How ACL Collate with Alteryx?

Analytical tools:

Before going to the collation first, we should know that to which category does the ACL, and Alteryx belongs to?. Both the ACL and Alteryx belong to the analytical tools. The tool which is used to measure analyses (like the thermometer which is used to measure temperature) is known as the analytical tool. This also comes under the category of sociology. In sociology, the analytical tool could be a hypothesis, a concept, and theory. As a human being, we all have the curiosity to know what other people think of us. This situation also can be analysed by the analytical tool.

The goal of the analytical tool is to extract the actionable, analyse the data and to increase the results. AB testing, experimental design, and business experiments are the techniques for the validation. An integrated approach which is called visual analytics used to combine data analysis with human interaction and data visualisation. The two separate variables relationship can be determined by a technique called correlation analysis. Regression analysis is the tool for investigating the variables relationship. Horizon analysis or scenario analysis allows analysing possible future variety events. We have only one tool for analysis of Oracle database that is DB index expert.  Like that we have many analytical tools for different functions. Nowadays, the open source tools are more user-friendly, more popular than the paid version. The list of top 10 analytical tools is tableau public, R programming, SAS, Apache spark, RapidMiner etc.


ACL is well suited for audit shops. The speed of the ACL depends on the speed of the disks we used. It reads data from flat files. Then performs some operations and again writes back to the flat files. That’s the greatness of ACL. It is directly proportional to the fastness of a disk. If slower the disk then ACL becomes slow. It supports continuous monitoring workload which is nothing but Analytics Exchange (A X). ACL also can care machine memory utilisation.  The data can be read by ACL as much data in its memory location. Alteryx is faster when compared to ACL. If anyone wants to purchase ACL Audit Exchange(AX) first, we should save reusable code out of the AX. ACL is the MS access stripped down version.


Alteryx is a computer software company which is based in Irvine. It is located in California, USA. The products of this company are used for analytics and data sciences. Alteryx was created to make analysing data more useful and accessible. Later on, it allows “Citizen data scientist” to bring the meaning results. Initially, alteryx takes a very dull task like analytics then on it moves to thrill people. Alteryx is used to allow the users to blend, conform, quickly prepare, and analyse data. Analytics engine helps to eliminate the reliance on legacy tools which were provided by Alteryx. Analytics applications can be built and deployed by Alteryx analytics gallery, and it is also a safe place for sharing amazing analytics.

Features of Alteryx:

The following are the features of Alteryx:

  • Datasets of any sizes
  • Delivering data directly into Tableau, Microsoft Power BI
  • Multiple data sources
  • Data accessed and blended

The resemblance of ACL and Alteryx:

Both ACL and Alteryx can provide the same continuous auditing process functionality and have the necessary capabilities for creating, filtering, summering, etc. Nowadays both ACL and Alteryx integrated with R and Python. Alteryx builds visual manner workflows. Alteryx intention is to make the analytics very easy by eliminating the scripting.  The continuous auditing process can be performed by both ACL and Alteryx. The main difference is that Alteryx has the functionality of statistical and geographical analysis. Both can be relatively tight with Python and R which are the upcoming platforms in future. We do not have to re-code things or reinvent in ACL and also it has external world support. Atlassian’s BitBucket software is used for check server application. We can create fugly code, fugly workflows in ACL and Alteryx respectively.


The successful data analytics function foundation can be performed by both ACL and Alteryx tools. Of course, both of them have their friction points and issues, but which suits our needs is depends upon the unique circumstances. Both of these are also just like tools like the remaining, but our success depends on our commitment and attitude for making data analytics with our choice.  

Guest article written by: Anji Velagana, a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Technological University, Kakinada. He is currently working for MindMajix Technologies as a content strategist. Contact me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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