How can Automatic SEO help you create better content strategy?

Content and SEO are counterparts of each other. Sure, content is king, but if it isn’t optimized for search engines, then it is pointless. If you want consistent organic traffic, create high-quality content that ranks well in organic search results. Meaning, you need a content strategy that drives SEO results. An SEO content strategy targets keyword-driven content topics that are relevant to your business, and that align with your target audience’s interests. These topics should be fueled by relevant, intent-driven keywords with proven search demand. In this blog we will discuss why an SEO content strategy is a must and how can you benefit from Automatic SEO tools.

Why Your Content Strategy and SEO Should Align?

Search engines strive to provide best user experience

Search engines are continually working to provide the best user experience, and content is the up-most important factor. Search engines like the websites that offer the most relevant, valuable and trustworthy information through their blogs and articles. However, how will search engines determine the quality of the content? Its when SEO plays a significant role. If you to rank higher in search results, monitor the quality if your website content. Determine if your articles offer a comprehensive solution for the topics you write about. When you optimize your content for search engines, quality should be the primary factor.

Content that’s shareable boosts gets more traffic

Tell me something – What is the kind of content you share? The one that catches your attention is interesting and may be useful to others. Meaning, if you want people to share your content on social media and other channels, then create content that is useful for your audience. A shareable content can also earn you backlink from complimentary websites which have a good number of followers. It not only boosts your website traffic but also with more credible sites linking to your site, the probability of your content ranking well for that particular topic is high. So it’s genuinely a content and SEO win! You need not necessarily concentrate on the SEO part of your content. Create a piece of content that is useful for your audience keeping SEO in mind; your content will be automatically shareable. Do your research on what topics you want to rank for and ensure to use the right words in your topic and writing naturally.

Search engines recognize your page with keywords

Sure, keywords are an essential part of SEO. However, if you don’t do your keyword research well, you may be ranking for the wrong keywords. You sure may end up increasing your organic traffic, but not the number of converting customers. Search engines monitor this pattern and understand that your website isn’t providing useful information. You will gradually see a drastic drop in your search engine ranking. Search engines want to give the most relevant search results. Create content that includes focus keywords pertinent to your business. When you are developing a blog post or any type of content, ensure your keyword strategy is part of the research process.

Meta descriptions provide a better user experience

People usually consider meta description as an unimportant task. On the contradictory, the meta description is as important as any other component a particular web page. The meta description is like a brief snapshot of what to expect on the landing page. Include focus keywords and keep it clear and concise. A web page with a comprehensive meta description is more likely to be clickable as searchers will know precisely what they are getting into. So, basically, a meta description is like an ad for the content. One more advantage of having a meta description is when people share your content on the social media channel, the meta description of the page will be automatically pulled as the description for the post. So, when people see the post, they can easily understand the relevance.

What is Automatic SEO?

Automatic SEO is a process to automate all the essential marketing processes using various software. It is much cheaper compared to manual SEO and involves minimal effort to complete the ongoing SEO tasks. The software easily allows you to do your keywords research and gives you a report of to how is your website performing. Using Automatic SEO software you can automate all the ongoing process and schedule tasks. Eliminating the chance of missing the deadline.

Why You Should Use Automatic SEO Tools to Create a Content Strategy?

While creating a content strategy, it is possible for you to lose sight of what really matters to your target audience. Automatic SEO tools help you to focus on a niche keyword or topic relevant to your business based on your buyer persona. It also give you content ideas based on the keywords you selected. You can easily monitor the performance of your topic. Automatic SEO tool measures critical behavioral metrics from each keyword you used, including the number of leads generated, bounce rate and the average time a visitor spends on a page. Using an Automatic SEO tool will help you create a content strategy based on what is working the best for your business. Ultimately, connecting your SEO to your marketing goals – generating more leads.

Guest article written by: Shishir Kumar Kathurwar is an ex-startup entrepreneur currently working on kickstarting inbound marketing for a plug and play business website startup. Cracked the code of generating 750K monthly traffic in 10 months by using creative content. Launched inbound marketing of multiple Saas Startups in USA and Canada. Social Profiles: LinkedIn, Twitter.

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