Gather Legally-binding Signatures Online with Signature Software

Gathering signatures from clients and prospective clients has never been easier. With online signature software, it is simply a matter of sending the document online to the client, and you would have your signed document back in a matter of seconds. And all of this done reliably and securely, with the signatures being legally-binding, and accepted by countries around the world, with several legislatures being passed to that effect.

This method of gathering signatures online does away with many of the problems traditionally associated with wet signatures – those obtained in pen and paper. There is no need for anyone to be physically present to affix their signatures, as they can access the documents online from wherever they are, and complete the transaction at their own convenience. This is very useful for online businesses which can complete transactions online instead of having to make the client visit their offices.

So, how does this software work? Once the software is deployed, the user can create documents with it. There are also some templates that can be used for the same. The document that has to be signed will be created by signifying the points where signatures need to be affixed. The added advantage of using the software it will remind users to complete signatures at all places and only then will it allow the document to be sent back, which will ensure that signatures are gathered at all the required places.

Once the document is created, the user will send an email to the client/prospect which contains a link to the document. The recipient goes to the link, verifies the document, and adds his or her signature at the requisite places. If some data is missing or if the document has details that have not been agreed upon, the recipient can always send the document back for corrections, which can happen quickly and painlessly. When the recipient does sign, the document goes back to the sender and both parties retain a copy.

With the software, much of the communication is automated. Alerts, reminders, and notifications are automatically sent to the right parties as soon as the completion of actions like sending a document or signing it. To ensure that there are no delays in transactions, the software reminds both parties that action is needed. All in all, both parties enjoy a lot of convenience because of the software.

The software offers opportunities for digitization like nothing else. Instead of having to break the chain and get offline to gather signatures, organizations can now allow their clients to complete everything digitally. There are no issues with the clients not being able to make it or having gone out of town – the signature can be affixed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Signature software is a must in this digital age, and it adds value to all business processes and tasks. If required, integration with third-party solutions is easy, and makes the entire process seamless.

Guest article written by: James Maron is an author at SutiSoft, Inc. He shares his views on SaaS and Cloud-based business management solutions.

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