How Important Is Social Media Integration To Your Magento Store

With more than 1.8 billion websites worldwide, there is theoretically 1 website for every 4 people in the world. And a large majority of it sells something online which makes them an e-commerce website. All this is possible thanks to CMS (Content Management Systems). With 12,095 million websites under its belt, Magento is in the Top 4 CMS’.

Before getting into the details of social media integration, I would like to enlighten my audience, what is Magento and what is CMS? The short answer, CMS is online software that gives the power to anyone who wishes to build and run an e-commerce website without having much or any knowledge of coding. Around half of the websites we see today were built using some kind of CMS software, Magento being one of such CMS software.

You can surely build your own website using Magento ecommerce development services but it is advised to hire a Magento web development company, rather than doing it yourself. This way you will never get stuck in any technical problems while developing your ecommerce website. Quality has no other substitute, to build the best ecommerce website for your company you will need to hire the top Magento development company.

Some of the famous companies that have hired Magento web development companies to build their websites are:

  • Nike Inc.
  • Procter & Gamble Inc.
  • Land Rover
  • Cisco Systems
  • Baker Huges
  • Danaher Group

These are just some of the more prominent names; there are many other startups and well-established enterprises that have used Magento ecommerce development services to build their company website.

Now let’s get into the advantages of having Social Media Integration to your Magento Ecommerce Store.

Raises Website Traffic

People can get to your website via social media sites. On an average, a person spends 1 hour of their day on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Facebook alone has an average usage time of 20 minutes. So getting their search information can help you in making more personalized advertisements for each individual user, this, in turn, can increase your website traffic as you suggest the exact thing that they need.

Establishing a 2-Way Communication

Having your Magento ecommerce store linked to your company Facebook page can give you a lot of insight into how people are feeling about your product and services. This can be in terms of comments and reviews that they post on these social media sites. You can also reply to these comments and reviews accordingly, this gives your company a human feel as people receive a response to their questions and comments.

Multiply User-base

It’s in human nature to share the best experiences with fellow family and friends. So having a social sharing button to your store website will give your users a chance to share their purchases or wish lists with friends and families over social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. This raises a curiosity in their near ones who in turn visit your Magento store and can place orders according to their needs and also share their purchases. This creates a wave of marketing, more importantly; free marketing for your ecommerce store.

Now that we know about the benefits of integrating social media with your Magento ecommerce store, let’s get into the process of actual integration. Magento ecommerce development services work with extensions. If you know WordPress, then extensions are for Magento what Plug-ins for WordPress.

There are some Magento developed social media extensions and third-party extensions that you can use according to your requirements. If you are a business entrepreneur and cannot spare much time in technical development yourself then hiring a Magento web development company will be a very beneficial decision to save time, money and many other precious resources.

Magento Social

Magento’s development team itself makes this extension. It is a free extension, however; it can only be used for integrating Facebook with your website. Using this extension, you can sell your store products directly via Facebook advertisements.


This Magento social media extension gives you a combined benefit of social login and sharing feature. With more than 30 social media networks integrated to this extension namely; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram, etc. MiniOrange adds media icons wherever you wish to place on your page; login page, comment section or wishlist page being just a few options amongst many.


Magestore extension has received 5-star ratings from many Magento users. It is an easy to set up open-source extension with fully responsive 18 social accounts, you receive full customization on social media buttons and login bars. The service costs $99 but you receive free updates and a 1-year support from Magestore.


This Magento extension is free and the best part is it offers sharing, following and audience targeting for 220+ social networks, while other extensions offer a maximum of only 20 social networks, AddThis gives a very dedicated service to its users. This extension also gives you real-time detailed analytics on social networks that you add to your Magento store.


Social media has become an unavoidable part of our personal as well as professional life. If you need to succeed with your ecommerce, store then you will need the help of Magento ecommerce Development Company to implement social network extensions to your website. You can also get in touch with us to acquire the best Magento ecommerce development services on a very affordable budget.

Guest article written by: Varsha Shinde is working as a technical content writer at Excellent Webworld – Mobile App Development & Magento Development Company. Passionate about narrating latest technical and entertainment stories for her audience and believes that imagination is the key source of creativity

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