Moving To A Managed Help Desk Means Help Is On The Way

Regardless of your industry, the company help desk has become an important part of the success of a business. An efficient and effective troubleshooting group can mean rapid repairs and end user education, or can result in long hold times and employee frustrations.

Doing it right goes well beyond first call completion metrics and low hold times. Constant education, employee satisfaction, and low turnover have become critical to keeping help desks solving the problems necessary to make an impact. Not to mention the rising costs of badged employees, benefits and rising salaries.

Frankly, the job has grown beyond most IT managers and business owners. Outsourcing an IT help desk has become the preferred way for savvy businesses both big and small.

A properly outsourced IT team and outsource help desk has evolved beyond hiring the entry-level technicians looking to quickly move to a new job, and has turned into the primary place IT workers want to be to leverage a wide depth of skill and know they are making an impact.

The hassles of individual businesses finding, hiring, and retaining top talent gets easier in a centralized, outsourced help desk. And metrics can be leveraged and customized towards your individual business to make it a tight fit.

As more and more services go to the cloud, the prospect of an on-site help desk services are starting to show its age. Servicing a business can be done from anywhere.

The cost of managing your own help desk is also skyrocketing. From staffing, to customized help desk software, to office space, to everything in between, managing all of that to be world class has grown exponentially in recent years.

The return on investment formula of outsourcing your help desk should include desktop and server costs, managerial salaries, turnover and new hire costs, and overall growth. It will quickly become a no-brainer to look strongly at an outsourced model.

From an employee perspective, they want to work in an environment that will value their breadth of knowledge, allow for continuing education as well as competitive salaries. If IT isn’t your businesses key industry, this often means employees hit a ceiling for growth and begin looking elsewhere for a job.

In an outsourcing company that looks to hire the right associate, salaries can grow organically, staff can be challenged to increase and improve their education and certifications, and managerial opportunities within the IT stack are plentiful.

Considering a company like Externetworks and asking for an ROI assessment is a great first step towards turning your headache into a world class service experience for your employees and your bottom line.

Guest article written by: Ramya Sri Alluri is a marketing specialist and Staff Author at ExterNetworks Inc a Managed Service provider since 2001. ExterNetworks Inc.provides End-to-end solutions featuring Design, Deployment and 24/7 IT support.

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