Top 4 Common Issues of HP Printer that You Can’t Ignore

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All of us are an eyewitness of the quality and reliability of the HP printer. but the fact that technology always tends to glitches somewhere or other and HP printer is not the exception. Having said that the HP printers are of high quality and reliability, it also requires a helping hand whenever it goes into fault.

Here we are listing common problems associated with HP printer and their solution

Paper Jam issue of HP Printer

This is the one problem that every user might have faced at some time or other. Paper jam issue can be erupted due to multiple reasons, which are as below:

  • Use of wrong paper type
  • The rollers on the printer are worn down
  • Dirty printer

Easy solutions

  • Cleaning the printer on a daily basis
  • Use correct type and format of printer paper
  • Roller placement

However, roller placement is not an easy task. It could be difficult to place the roller of the printer and it varies from model to model. There are few HP printer models, on which placing the roller is very easy. While fixing a paper jam issue, never pull the paper in the opposite direction of the paper path, because doing this can harm the printer in a physical manner.

Every printer model has its own vulnerability towards paper jam issue. Any printer which holds the paper vertically, you can fix the paper jam problem by pulling it down through the printer.


It is also a common problem; HP users are usually found complaining about it to the HP support center. In the event of ghosting, HP printer prints the image in the correct manner, but the problem creates when a copy of the image is printed somewhere else on the page.

Causes of Ghosting issue:

  • Power outlet that is the source power to the printer
  • Imaging kit and drum are about to finish


  • You can try a new printer by plugging the same power outlet if the results are same then you need to fix power outlet.
  • You need to check if consumable printer parts are at their end then you can replace them.

The driver is not supported for a particular operating system

Whenever you upgrade to a new operating system version, you must also pay attention to the drivers of your older printer. Drivers also need to be changed depending on operating system. Printer’s driver doesn’t support all the operating system. When you get stuck with such problem; you must check the printer manual and figure out which drivers the printer will match.

79 Error of HP Printer

79 error is associated with the network print server that provides services to the printer. You can troubleshoot this issue by opening the Printer folder from the Start menu on the Print server just to check if there are no jobs pending.

This error can also be occurred due to the failure of a printer add-on component that may include an MIO card or a RAM module. You can fix this by removing all add-ons and then add back one by one, to find which component is faulty.

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