Making Proper Use of Instagram to Give Your Business a Massive Boost!

Instagram has got significantly transformed from just becoming a basic photo sharing application to an effective medium for online sales. Many people do not know that engagement in Instagram is more than top platforms on social media. Instagram’s engagement is around 15 times greater than Google+, Twitter or Facebook. Studies have shown that 13% of internet users come to Instagram daily while almost more than 50% of the top post 100 brands have made their presence felt on the social media platform. Small business ventures and midlevel business owners also should use this platform for promoting their products. In this post, you will learn how you should go by using Instagram for your business.

Using Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags will let more people find both you and your products on Instagram. Ensure in using the appropriate, relevant hashtags which relate to your business products whenever you post updates. This will help you to reach people who are interested in looking for the products or services which your business provides.

Using Filters Often

While it is all right to post normal photos in Instagram, but you must be aware that using Instagram’s filters can help you attract greater attention towards your images. Studies have shown that by using the Mayfair filter and the Inkwell filter, one can get increased “likes” and comments on their posts. You can try experimenting with different filter types first, if you are new to using filters, to find out which filters are popular with your target audience. You can use Instagram’s management and analytical tools for this purpose.

Posting at Best Times

Whenever you are posting on Instagram, you must do it at times when the market you are targeting is using the social media platform. You can use analytical tools to help you with this, or you can notice yourself at what times most of your posts get the maximum views and likes and then post your future updates on those times. Also, you need to look at the times when you make posts; you must not either make too many posts every day or post too few. Follow an optimum frequency of 2 posts daily, one during the afternoon and one during the evening. Your posts also need to be related to the products or services which your business offers.

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Instagram is a vital and significant aspect of marketing on social media today. Instagram can help drive up social media traffic to your website drastically. Using hashtags, posting at right times with correct frequency is a guaranteed and proven a way for increasing your Instagram followers and, consequently, your traffic. Be sure to put relevant, appropriate hashtags with your posts and post the right content to drive followers more to your website.

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