5 Tips to Make Your iPhone 11 Pro Faster

Apple has recently unveiled its newest flagship phones in September 2019 with monikers iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Without going into the nitty gritties of said iPhones, all in all – both of these devices are indeed Apple’s best products so far. These iPhone handsets are known for better quality and high performance. 

Without a doubt, your iPhone 11 Pro features would be matchless. Over time, however, as you use your phone for almost everything and end up downloading tons of apps, pictures, videos and more – your iPhone may face minuscule glitches or snagging.  

If you just notice that your iPhone 11 Pro has started performing slow or you’re experiencing frequent lags in the processing, do not worry at all. There must be typically an issue that can be effectively resolved. 

We have some of the best options to hold you over with your shiny new device until your next update. Here is a run-down of steps to make your phone run faster:

  1. Declutter Old & Nonessential Stuff from your Device

If your iPhone is showing signs of slowing down, then you must instantly go for regular device cleanse. There are plenty of apps, files, pictures, videos, screenshots and what not, that you certainly don’t want to be hanging around. You can lighten up the load on your mobile’s storage by getting rid of unnecessary data that has bloated your iPhone. You can opt for syncing your data on any authentic cloud storage such as iCloud or iTunes, create a backup and erase all photos and apps for a robust processing device.

So, now here are a few things that you should consider while cleaning up your phone’s storage.

  • Stamp out Unneeded Apps:

There are millions of iPhone transfer apps available on the App Store which urge users to try recent hits for every occasion. But, in fact the more apps installed on your iPhone; the more likely your iPhone is going to bog down. So, a mild warning from us. Explore your device and discover the number of applications you have. Recollect that when did you recently use this particular app. We’re willing to wager that you’ll find a couple of applications that you’ve not recently used. 

  • Delete Browser’s Cache & History:

Refresh your Siri and Safari, clear away cache, history, cookies and forms etc. Visit Settings >> Safari and tap on the Clear History and Website Data option. Remember that doing so will impair URL recommendations until Safari amasses some web browsing history.  

  • Zap out Old Text Messages, Photos, Apps:

Our daily text message threads occupy a great deal of space on our mobile devices. Similarly, we tend to save pictures, videos, files, apps etc. that are never required. Such clutter stuff may take up extra space. So, go ahead and clean out stuff once in a while. For the message app, you can go to Settings >> Keep Message >> Put up a limit from Forever to 30 Days or what suits you.  

2. Disable Motion Settings

There is another way to speed up your iPhone by disabling Motion settings in iPhone 11 Pro. Head over to Settings >> General >> Accessibility and Select the “Reduce Motion”. This will turn off the parallax impact of alerts and icons. A few people whined of feeling uncomfortable due to this effect, so you may discover the iPhone is easier to use when the motion settings are disabled. Obviously, it will also make UI faster, on the other hand.

3. Update your iPhone’s Software to Recent Version

Your iPhone software is another reason to boost up the performance of your device. These may be minor changes such as stability and security of your device, multi-core performance, removing outdated features and memory management etc. but these all stack up and make your phone run faster.

4. Try Restart Trick with your iPhone 11 Pro 

To make your iPhone ticking over, you can try this “Restart” or “Turn Off” tricks once in a while. The reason is that your phone is basically a mini computer so you have to deal with it in that capacity. Try turning it off every weekend for overnight and then restart it. This trick will actually do wonders for you. The turning off your iPhone will enable it to get refresh and close down all the resources that were hanging down for no reason and overloading your device.

5. Turn off Auto App Updates & Background App Refresh 

In iPhone 11 Pro, your app updates and background app refresh are automatic by default. This would definitely be convenient as you can easily enjoy all the latest updates on time. But, the downside of it is that the updates may suddenly pop up when you’d doing something productive. This will not only drain your phone’s battery but also hamper its performance. To stop this, go to Settings >> then check off Music, Apps, Updates and toggle down apps accordingly in the iTunes & App Store page as per your choice. 

Some apps need to be timely updated and refreshed such as emails and location-based, navigation apps. Hence, you can select as many apps as you wish to. 

6. Bonus Tip (What if Nothing Works for you!)

The tips and tricks discussed above are certainly steps that people follow for a robust speed, processing and overall performance of their iPhones. However, sometimes, things turn out badly and your phone gets hindered and bogged down. You don’t need to go through 2 minutes to power off your phone off and then turn it on again to fix it — rather, simply clear the RAM with this. 

Hold the power button until you see “slide to power off” at that point simply leave the power button. Now, hold down the home button for 5 seconds until your home screen appears again. 

Moreover, on the off chance that nothing works for you, at that point you may need to do your final desperate attempt and eradicate all content types and data and start without any preparation. This isn’t as frightening as it appears. If you have backed up all your contents and used any content transfer app to manage your significant data – you will thank us later for this tip.  

Voila! Here is to your iPhone 11 Pro with refresh, smooth and fast functioning than ever before. Try these tricks every time you iPhone feels loaded and slow. Cheers 🙂 

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  1. Nowadays people mostly switch to iPhones than Android. Likewise, I also bought an iPhone 11 pro before 4 months. But, I feel it is working slightly slower than usual. So decide to check that once for detecting any error. So, I search for that and found this page. Thank you for your methods to neglect that issue. It really works for me. Have a great day!


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