Some knowledgeable tips on using Apple Pay

The mobile phones are used to take the high definition photos, store access of files and emails in it. And if your mobile has the mobile wallet feature in it, then it can be used to make number of payments online.

Usually, all kinds of Android phones and iPhones have this payment feature which the youngsters make use of it. Discussing how to use the payment feature in the mobile phones, it is essential to provide some tips on using the payment modes in the Apple phones as it is the most common and widely used mobile brand all over the world. Let’s see some of the tips related to how to use ‘Apple Pay’.

The beautiful trait of Apple pay is that it is an ‘Apple’. Apple offers its customers several elegant features and benefits like iPhone, iPad, Touch ID, Face ID, Apple Watch. Along with these technological features, it has also made our lives easier for making online payments worldwide in the form of Apple Pay.

What the users has to do is to place the top of their phone screen near to any NFC card reader terminal and then keep the finger on the phone’s touch ID sensor and if the person has iPhone X, iPhone XS, then simply look at your phone. But the first thing one need to do is to set up Apple Pay in your phone –

Setting up wallet – To start using the Apple pay on your phone, one need to open the wallet in the iPhone, then tap on the ‘add card’ button. Then the user will have to enter all the necessary information related to the debit or credit card whichsoever he is using. Now the user will tap on the ‘next’ button which will do the transaction finally.

1. How to use apple pay

Firstly, the person needs to hold the iPhone near the card reader and ultimately the card image will appear on the screen. Then instead of using the Face ID just use your finger on the Touch ID sensor. It will take some seconds to process and Voila! you are good to go now. Your transaction is successful. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to use some other card, then tap the one on-screen and chose the card you want to use.

2. Pay by using the Apple Watch

Apple watch is becoming the hot obsession among youngsters and modern juvenile these days. It is handy and easy to use. Apple Watch also has the Apple Pay feature. Apple pay works brilliantly with the Apple Watch. What the user must do is to open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and tap on “My watch”. Then the procedure is same as explained above.

3. Using in-app and online purchases

Nothing is complicated, using apple pay in an app or safari is just like using it at any other source. Click on the button “Buy with Apple Pay” see all your payment-related information and details and at the end place your finger on the Touch sensor which will complete the transaction.

This biometric process of making payment makes the transaction more secure.

4. Pay by using iMessage

In the current iPhone models, the users can send payments in a very easy and convenient manner by using iMessage. Just tap on the ‘A’ symbol on the left of the texting keyboard, then select the Apple Pay icon.

After then, enter the amount to pay, then by using the touch ID or the Face ID, the user will be able to make the payment instantly.

Apple pay is somewhat different in terms of iPhone X and XS family as these phones do not have fingerprint scanners. So, the user must double click on the phone, glance at the screen to authenticate the face ID. Then phone must be placed within a few centimeters of the card reader.

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