An Unorthodox Approach to SEO

Search engine optimization is the lifeblood of all successful blog writers. Without SEO, there is no assurance of clicks and no guarantee that you can generate consistent revenue. However, it’s a shame that many people associate SEO with just well-placed keywords. There’s a lot more to it than that.

SEO can be more about the right keywords

Focus on Sales Traffic Rather Than Unique Visitors

Well-placed keywords often attract unique visitors to your blog, and they are necessary to keep the ad revenue coming in. However, if you’re running a business and want more meaningful engagement, you should focus on your core audience a lot more. Your unique visitor count may fluctuate, but your core audience generates the bulk of your sales. Hence, they require much greater attention.

Focus more on generating email lists by getting a visitor’s mailing information. Also focus on the content that gets the most engagement from your audience. Study the regions that contain the bulk of your audience and focus on what they need or are interested in.

Focusing on the metrics that will drive more conversions and generate sales traffic is a far more profitable strategy than keyword stuffing.

User Experience Optimization

Your blog may be filled with incredible content, but unless it looks good, no one will care. Looks and first impressions matter. The minute someone visits your site, they should be compelled to stay. Blog writers often don’t pay attention to this aspect and lose out on potential customers.

This isn’t just dependent on how the site looks. It also matters how fluid the scrolling motions are, how fast the pages load, and how clean the site is. Annoying pop-ups and ill-placed ads contribute to the irritation we feel when visiting a poorly designed website.

Great keyword placement, backlinking, and long-form blogs may attract unique visitors, but they’ll leave immediately if your blog is ugly. 

Improving on these technical aspects is also considered part of SEO. Google actually measures the page loading times and overall speed of your website when ranking search results.

Long-Form Posts Rank Incredibly Well

Have you ever noticed that Wikipedia is often the first link for whatever you search? That’s because most pages on this website exceed 2000 words.

Long-form posts rank incredibly well on Google. Detailed, well-researched, and backlinked articles are almost always the first results that you see on Google. However, it’s understandable that not everyone can produce those.

After all, in-depth analysis and research is hardly everyone’s forte. Blog writing services can be a valuable investment here. Whether you like it or not, they’re specialized to deliver on this very task.

Writers and bloggers have been conditioned to believe that SEO just means inserting the proper keywords. Focusing on the more overt aspects of web design, aesthetics, and user experience can vastly grow their organic audience. 

Guest article written by: Dave is a senior content manager at Content Development Pros. He is responsible for overseeing all of the content that goes in and out of the site. He loves playing tennis in his free time and has a love of gardening.

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