7 online games that are perfect for improving your memory


Regardless of their age, most people will benefit from memory-improving games. The best part is how easily they are accessible now. 

We have chosen some of the most effective working games for you today. So, grab your mobile and let’s build some brain muscle!


Aside from the horrifying picture that brain aging creates in your mind, there are other equally good reasons to play Sudoku. One of them is how highly addictive this number placement game is! Once you start playing it, you won’t be able to put your phone down. 

Another great thing about Sudoku is that it is readily available on various sites and in the form of different apps. Since you can also find versions that offer you varying difficulty levels, consider it as yet another reason to begin playing Sudoku!

To succeed at Sudoku, you must rely on your memory. By learning how to forecast the consequences of your choices, you begin to plan as you play. This planning is a way of improving both your focus and short-term memory.


You’ll find that Lumosity is a popular app for several reasons, including the fact that it is available for both platforms. 

It might not be right to call it a game since it is a collection of many games and not just one! Within its cognitive activities, you will find the secrets to quicker response times and a sharper brain. 

The games are based on scientific research and stimulate your working memory. They train your mind to ignore things that don’t matter and only focus on the important stuff. Play it daily, and you will find yourself improving! 


These puzzles are ubiquitous because they are just so darn fun to solve. It is a good thing that they are equally great tools for memory improvement. A whole body of research shows that by solving a crossword daily, at-risk patients can delay the onset of various mental diseases. 

These aren’t the days when you have to wait for the newspaper to show up to get your hands on crossword puzzles. You can find them online now! Since it is so good for your brain, we’d suggest looking for an app or website that publishes a new puzzle daily. Enjoy the fresh ones and use the older archived ones for practice. 


Pexeso: Matching Pairs

As the name hints, the game of Pexeso involves matching pairs of similar cards or tiles. You will have a large group of those at your disposal. The trick is to remember where each type of card or tile was since one of each group will remain hidden. As you go uncovering the unknown cards/tiles, you will be matching them with the ones from before. But you’d have to remember their precise locations, which is why the game is an exercise for your brain!

While many versions of this game are available online, you can also play it off-computer. Grab a pack of cards and lay out 24 of them facedown. Just remember that half of those – 12 – should have a matching set in the other half. Move and shuffle them so you forget where the matching pairs are placed. Now, pick them one at a time. Look at the number or object given on the card and put it down again. Keep doing so until you find one that matches a card you turned earlier. If you remember right, you will have a matched pair in your hands. If you don’t, you will have to try again!

You can also increase the number of matched pairs to as many as you want.

Brain School

This is a school for your brain, and most of its classes consist of perplexing puzzles. You’ll also find some math questions to challenge your intellect. Then there will be logic games that force you to think as well. In all cases, you will be honing your mental skills. The initial challenges will seem easier and will involve solving math equations while the game times you! Another activity includes putting together a puzzle so that it matches an image. Finally, there is a magic hat shell game for you to finish.

You may have guessed that the app’s theme resembles that of a school. You will have to pass four years of grueling tests to win. For instance, advancing from the first year is only possible if you receive an A+ on all games and levels while in it. Every year is divided into various games, and they each have five levels that you must clear. 


A Clockwork Brain Training

This isn’t a newcomer to the field of memory-strengthening games. However, likely, you haven’t yet heard of A Clockwork Brain Training. We promise you a treat even if you haven’t!

This game intends to not just exercise your memory. It will also be working on improving your reasoning skills, attention levels, language, and dexterity. To do so, it will set you up with a variety of challenges. 

Each challenge will be specifically designed to achieve one objective. For instance, the game will test your attention level by assessing how quickly you can pick out an object that is different from the rest. For dexterity, you will face a speed match and so on.

Let Me Grow

Unlimited Gamez mo always brings you the best in action games. But this time, they offer something different. Let Me Grow is a strategy-based game that is designed to boost your memory and reasoning skills.

You may think what challenge a gardening-based game could be for me. But that’s only because you haven’t begun playing. Your task is to get water to the thirsty flowers you see. While you are arranging for that to happen by removing blocks and arranging pipes, you will face certain obstacles. And whatever you do, don’t allow the garden gnomes to get wet!

Your brain is an organic storage device with an astounding capacity to retain 2.5 petabytes of information! Sure, it may have problems retrieving a piece at times. These games will help speed up the retrieval rate, boost memory, and keep your brain young and healthy for longer!

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