Business Model of File Conversion Services

File conversion services are quite popular because they come in handy whenever we intend to convert one file format into another. For instance, if you wish to send a draft legal document in the form of a PDF file then nothing can be quicker, better and more reliable than a file conversion service like, or

Presently, the market is flooded with file conversion service providers and the functionality and features they offer to vary greatly. Thus, if you need any type of document conversion for your business, it can get pretty overwhelming to decide on the most appropriate one. 

My personal top is:

  1. – the Swiss Army Knife Of Online Tools as they call themselves.
  2. and are also nice.

Also, it’s quite fascinating to figure out how all these “convert something into something FOR FREE” services exist.

Let’s dig it.

Categories of Conversion Services

These software programs or online file conversion services are designed primarily for 3 different user categories:

  • Individual users for personal or home use
  • Automated document conversions for small offices
  • Enterprise users

In this blog post, we shall have a look at the business model of these file conversion services and the multi-fold benefits they offer. Businesses usually need conversion services that offer a high level of consistency, flexibility, reliability, and security. This is a big reason why every business should invest in quality enterprise file conversion services. 

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File conversion service business model

You might wonder as to how these online file conversion services sustain if they allow you to convert files for free. Well, in the world of business there’s nothing called “Free Lunch” and file conversion services come with a catch as well! Yes, you can convert single small size documents and files using the free services but business often has to convert larger documents like graphics, animation, spreadsheets, databases, etc. Now, this can be achieved only when you subscribe to their paid services (duh). 

Option for Scalability

For individuals who intend to convert only small-sized documents, they would need to just sign up for the service and convert files for free. However, they won’t be able to avail of cloud storage and large-file conversion, which are provided to customers availing subscriptions. Scalability is a big advantage offered by online file conversion services. 

Monthly paid subscriptions are available for medium-scale conversion jobs, wherein customers not only get to convert large-sized files in batches but also avail free cloud storage. If you go for monthly paid subscriptions then you can not only convert your documents but also store them on the cloud server and downloading them whenever the need arises. 

File conversion services usually follow 3 types of revenue models:

  • Ad revenue model – This is the steadiest form of revenue generation wherein ads are placed on the website and whenever visitors click or view these ads a certain amount is credited to the account of the file conversion service provider.

You can take a look at popular file conversion service provider’s website like, or or and find several ads placed at different positions on their websites that fetch steady revenue for the businesses.

  • Customer Subscription model – Paid subscription of these services is loaded with advanced features such as unlimited file sizes, unlimited concurrent conversions, Ad-free pages, and instant conversions. Users have to opt for various monthly subscriptions with varied features and they can choose the one that suits their needs.
  • Mixed/combined model – Now, most of the file conversion services tend to follow a combined model wherein they generate revenue from ads as well as paid subscriptions.

Benefits of File Conversion Services

  • Flexibility and ease of use  – Every online file conversion service offer a high degree of flexibility. Irrespective of whether you want to convert a single file or a batch of multiple files, you’ll experience seamless conversion service. Moreover, all the major service providers such as, or or are extremely easy to use.
  • Customization and Developer API – Businesses looking to integrate the online file conversion applications with their existing enterprise solutions can do so by using the developer API. Thus, you will be able to convert your documents while maintaining consistent output quality. Customization to the existing system is easier when you have a thoroughly tested API to integrate with your regular business application.
  • Cloud storage and Security – Data storage won’t be a headache as you will be able to store an innumerable number of files on the cloud servers. All major file conversion service providers offer cloud storage to their paid customers and you can download the converted file as and when needed. As far as security is concerned, all the documents are stored in a highly secured environment so as to prevent any kind of data pilferage.

To sum it up on file conversion services business model

Don’t take our words for it as you always have the option of testing the popular file conversion services available in the market. However, you must keep in mind that not every file conversion service suits your document conversion needs and you should always test a service before going for paid subscriptions.


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