What is Magento PWA & How it benefits your Online Store

The Progressive Web App (PWA) idea has been nodded in its iOS 11.3 update by the software giant Apple. The blog demonstrates the Magento shop’s advantages.

For online retailers and web developers alike, Magento has remained a preferred platform. By implementing PWA Studio in 2018, the platform has added another feather in its cap.

The PWA Studio is specifically intended for the construction of Progressive Web Apps for websites based on Magento. Now, those who have no concept of Progressive Web Apps can bring customers to the website with such applications.

Simply put, progressive internet applications are the business website’s app type to leverage the advantages of a flourishing mobile platform.

Both Magento and PWA can bring a wealth of eCommerce website advantages. You can easily convert the Magento website to a mobile app using PWA Studio if you have an online business.

Magento & PWA :

In 2017, Magento worked with Google to add to Magento’s platform by the end of 2018 the best of PWA characteristics. On November 28, 2018, Magento 2.3 was published with a ton of remarkable updates and one of them was Magento PWA.

In reality, Magento is one of the first e-commerce platforms to make full use of the capacity of PWAs by its customers. Magento also launched PWA Studio, which provides developers with the necessary instruments to develop and keep a PWA storefront on top of Magento effectively.

Google also published an open source tool called Lighthouse that can be used by developers to audit a PWA site.

Why Magento is focussing on PWAs ?

The chart indicates that in 2018, 63.5% of e-commerce sales took place via mobile phones and tablet computers. In 2019 it is anticipated that revenues via handheld phones will reach 67.2%.

Magento has made a wise step to introduce sophisticated trends such as PWA to its platform as m-commerce drives more internet sales.

How PWA can Improve my Business ?

Remarkable Speed :

For all online stores, speed is the one essential factor. A 53 percent decrease in mobile visits will occur if a mobile site takes more than three seconds to load. In other words, if loading takes more than three seconds, 53 percent of clients will leave a website. As they are blazingly quick, PWAs will play a significant part here.

The reason for quicker PWAs is browser-level caching that is feasible due to service employees. PWAs use service employees to precache portion of the web app for instant loading when the next time the user opens it.

Cross Platform Compatibility :

Almost all the commonly used mobile browsers and platforms, PWAs can operate smoothly. This involves Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox browsers. Single internet code base is sufficient to operate on several systems, including desktops. Businesses therefore do not need to create and sustain applications for various platforms. In addition, it is not necessary to update PWAs from the app store. Just like a website, updates can be provided in real time.

Responsive Design :

The implementation of PWA will lead to continuous experience across systems such as desktops, mobile phones and tablets. This will assist improve the experience of the client. Google has said that Google’s search findings will rank sites with responsive web design. The implementation of PWA can therefore make your site rank greater in the search outcomes for Google.

Avail M-commerce at Affordable rates :

People prefer searching and shopping on mobile phones. This trend is also probable to remain in the years to come. Research has shown that more than 27 percent of customers buy products using a mobile device rather than a desktop. As smartphone consumers in the globe continue to increase, this proportion will also increase.

M-Commerce has resulted in people’s preference for mobile devices for shopping. In other words, M-Commerce has begun to gain ground and your online business requires a mobile app to take advantage of M-Commerce’s advantages.

But then, the price of developing mobile apps is high and it can disturb your early budget, particularly if you own a startup or retail small and medium-sized business. Magento 2 website can give you a solution to get the most out of M-Commerce to convert PWA. Yes, it provides a cost-effective alternative to get your eCommerce website with a mobile app and save big bucks on the maintenance of apps and other expenses.

Get rid of Device Restriction :

In HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the progressive web app is written. It implies it has a web link and with the assistance of web browsers, customers can access the PWA. All significant browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari support PWAs.

Another advantage of a PWA is that it can save time for the user to install the app on their systems. Unlike indigenous and cross-platform applications, with just a few taps, the PWA can easily be put on the home screen. Compared to the indigenous applications, the PWA occupies less room and can be seen in the app folder.

Offers reduced Page load time :

Google Data proposed that even a one-second delay in loading the webpage could cause the conversion rate to drop by 20%. Ideally, it should take up to two seconds to load your eCommerce website to attract and maintain internet shoppers.

Reduced PLT (Page Load Time) can assist remain ahead of the curve of your website. PWA now focuses on the loading speed.

Looking at the PWA phase, we can discover that a very tiny app shell is displayed when the first page loads.

The app shell includes important resources and other elements that are needed. It has both your application’s UI and core architecture. Now, all these parts are stored in the device of the user when the first page loads.

Therefore, each subsequent PWA launch only requires fresh information. The whole method can significantly decrease load time. PWA also reduces network traffic and offers safe HTTPS links. It can safeguard information as well as operate in offline mode.

Enhances SEO friendliness :

Securing its position on top three SERPs is of utmost significance for your eCommerce website.

By turning the current Magento 2 website into a PWA, you can accomplish this objective. This is because PWA can provide your clients with an application-like immersive experience while acting as an indexable web page.

In other words, the PWA provides both an app and a website’s purposes. It can be mobile-friendly optimized and requires less time to load. In a manner, PWA can assist improve the ranking of your website. Ultimately, a greater ranking may increase your business website’s visibility.

The PWA also improves your website’s discoverability by using a flourishing mobile platform. It can also help you get rid of duplication of information and efficiently handle the website.

Sends Push Notification for Better Engagement :

No marketer can deny that push notifications are not important. Push notifications can easily improve the commitment rate as a strong and personalized marketing instrument.

When your website visitors or clients agree to receive notifications, the’ Push Manager ‘ function begins to send push notification via an EventListener.

App notifications can involve users by providing real-time updates on receiving orders, promotional offers, shipping status and new arrivals.

A properly performed notification process can help you retain customers and increase the brand value. They can behave comparable to app notifications when discussing the PWA notifications.

Conclusion :

How about transforming your Magento online store into a Progressive Web App?

Well, a reputable Magento developer can perform this to gain more conversions and sales to your online business. What’s more, while enhancing user experience across devices, you can save a lot of time and big bucks on app growth.

Guest article written by: Jeevan Kumar is a technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations – Magento development company.

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