Top 5 Wireless Keyboards For Gift 

Keyboards are an inevitable part of any computer whether it is a laptop or personal desk computer. Look down at your fingers and think for a while how easier it would be to have a perfect device satisfying your particular needs. Here, we are going to talk about how do wireless keyboards work and represent five of the most modern wireless keyboards that can be worth the investment in time and cash.

1) Celluon Epic 

When talking about quiet wireless keyboards, you can try out the Celluon Epic projection keyboard. It is not the physical device but highly innovative and creative alternative for usual devices. With this tool, you can turn almost any surface into a standard device. It is delicate and portable, it creates a wow effect to those who see such know-how for the first time. To type, simply put a projector on a desk, pair it via Bluetooth with your device and start typing. There is no trick behind Epic technology. The illusion is created by infrared light that’s emitted from the device. 

2) Kinesis Advantage USB 

The Kinesis Advantage USB may look strange, but this ergonomic device may help to alleviate pain in your hands and wrists and help to win the most rigorous typing marathons. Similar to other wireless gaming keyboards, the Kinesis Advantage USB features a standard QWERTY layout. The keys are located on different levels and rows aren’t aligned straightly. 

The contoured design is aimed at maximizing comfort and boosting productivity. When typing, you can simply put hands in a shoulder-width position. This way, a neutral wrist position is promoted and pain is reduced. For higher productivity, Space, Backspace, and Enter keys are located separately to be accessed by thumbs. Similar to other ergonomic devices, Kinesis Advantage USB features vertical keys to enable natural motion of your fingers. In addition, it doesn’t require to use any special drivers or software.

3) Apple 

Why do we include on our list Apple product? Because it gives excellent performance. The price of the Apple wireless keyboard is around $70. In wireless devices, users are provided with batteries. What is special about Apple keyboard is that looks extremely elegant and compact. Compared to QWERTY keyboards, it has a slightly different layout. The numerical keys are located on the right-hand side.

4) CHERRY KW 6000 

Wireless keyboards and mice usually connect via Bluetooth. CHERRY KW6000 is a Bluetooth device for iPad and iPad2. It is a perfect solution for people on the move. Thanks to large keys and little weigh, it is easy to use. Bluetooth wireless keyboards allow entering text into iPad or iPad2 in a matter of seconds.


5) Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Designed by Germans, this device gives an unforgettable typing experience. The Das Keyboard 4 Pro has mechanical keys which allow high performance. Unlike rubber, the mechanical key switches are known to last up to 50 mln keystrokes. The tactile and psycho-acoustic experience this device gives are simply incredible. In case, you would like to know more about the latest digital innovations, feel free to visit page.


We often don’t pay a lot of attention to what kind of keyboard we are using. In most case, it is a cheap plastic device that comes with the computer. However, for many office workers, gamers, designers and other professionals, the keyboards are primary tools used on a daily basis. Hope you chose a wireless device for a gift. 

Guest article written by: Alex is best known for writing articles on subjects ranging from the latest trends in the IT industry to high-tech innovations. He was the Technical Consultant for Hire Dynamics, Maxymiser. He enjoys learning about the novelties in the field of IT and sharing this knowledge on his own blog.

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    I’m using dell wireless keyboard for my laptop for the past two years and thought to change it with a coolest one. Hope most of the users’s pick was Celluon Epic, after seeing its smartest features nobody likes to look for another one. Its projection technology attracts me more. Thank you for sharing!



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