Partition Master – the Essential Hard Disk Management Software

by Klaus on November 5, 2019

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Partitioning the hard disk is one of the most basic maintenance you can do for your computer.  However, partitioning your hard disk can be daunting, especially if you are not sure how to do it using the Disk Management tool in your Windows Operating System.

These days, most computers come pre-installed with an Operating System as well as one partition on the hard disk – where the OS is installed.  If the owner does not properly partition the hard disk, it means they have to save several years of files on that same drive and that this can create a bit of a problem when it comes time to reformat and fresh install a new operating system.  One of the problems that it creates is the hassle of transferring or backing up your files onto another drive.  Another possible problem is if the operating system crashes or gets corrupted, saving your important files may be impossible, especially if the hard disk on your computer is not easily accessible.

To avoid such problems, partitioning your hard disk is important.  One of the best ways to partition the hard disk in your computer is through Partition Master, a disk partition software that can help you manage the partitions in your hard disk.  Partition Master, as the name implies, is the perfect partition tool for newbies and advanced users alike as the software comes equipped with basic and advanced features that are helpful when it comes to maximizing the performance of your hard disk.

Partition Master, made by EaseUS, offers the following features:

  • Repartition your Disk – this allows you to split a disk into several partitions to help keep your growing data organized and accessible within the limited disk capacity.  This feature basically allows you to create, resize, merge, format, convert, check, and delete partitions.
  • Clone your Hard Drive – this feature lets you clone your entire HDD/SSD or select partitions in file-by-file mode if you intend to replace or upgrade your hard disk without any data loss.
  • Migrate OS to HDD/SSD – this lets you extend and migrate your system drive and its configurations to a new HDD/SSD without reinstalling the OS.
  • Change Partition Label – this enables you to change the label of the partition along with the drive allocation so the computer can identify and mark the drive fast.
  • Partition Conversion – this feature allow you to convert your primary partition to logical, and logical to primary.  Additionally, you can convert FAT to NTFS partition.
  • 4k Alignment – this get partitions on SSD properly aligned to maximize its performance.
  • Cleanup and Optimization – this helps in freeing up storage space as well as optimizing disk performance by cleaning up junk and large files.
  • Wipe Partition – if you have sensitive data, simply deleting them will not work as they can easily be restored by PC experts.  This feature within Partition Master ensures that your removed sensitive data cannot be recovered.

Partition Master comes in both free edition and professional edition.  There are certain limitations to the free version as it can only support hard disks up to 8 TB. In most cases, a home computer or work laptop will not have more than 4 TB HDD, so a free version is certainly a most welcome edition.  The professional edition, on the other hand, aside from being able to handle all the things the free version can do, has other neat tricks like managing dynamic volumes, command line support, management of virtual disks, and many other useful tools and features that a professional will need.

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