How to Repurpose Content on Your Blog

Creating a piece of high-quality content for your blog takes time and energy. From brainstorming ideas to doing keyword research and checking out competitors’ content, it’s no small feat to consistently produce new content. On top of that, not all content does well or resonates with your audience. If you strike gold with a piece of content, take advantage of it by repurposing it. Just because you’ve already published, it doesn’t mean you can’t change up the format to reach even more eyes.

 A variety of different types of people make up your target audience. Some people may enjoy reading blog posts, while others may prefer video content. Some people love sharing infographics on their Instagram stories, while others prefer Pinterest. By repurposing your quality content, not only can you reach more people, but you will also save yourself time and resources.

So, how can you repurpose your content?

Do an audit

Firstly, you need to take a look at all the content you have and how it’s doing. It’s crucial that you keep your content organized and manage it from one hub so that everyone can see a full picture of what you have to work with. Identify your most popular content throughout all your platforms. That includes social media, email marketing, blog posts, and anywhere else that you may have published content.

It might take some time to dig through your analytics, but it will save you tons of time and energy going forward. Beyond that, you’ll already know what your audience wants to see, and your repurposed content has a higher chance of a conversion.

Update old content

Instead of creating brand-new content, update old blog posts with further information. As an example, if you posted a “best of” guide last year, update it with new information or products to make it current. Many of your posts will continue to attract viewers and rank in searches even years later. Tweak the information in the post to make it relevant to today, change the post date, and then begin re-promoting it as you usually would a new post.

Change the format

An effective way to repurpose your best content is by turning it into a different format. That way, you can publish it on specialized platforms and target audience members who prefer different ways of viewing content. Here are some different formats in which you can present the same content:


  • Videos


If you’ve written a blog post that has been successful, consider making a video on the topic. Videos rank high in search results and are easy to view on mobile. You can publish it on YouTube, allowing you to reach an entirely new audience, plus you can link back to the original post. Alternatively, you can directly embed video into your website. Either way, video is an excellent repurposing option.


  • Infographics


Infographics are an extremely user-friendly way to deliver content. They have a high percentage of shares on social media platforms and don’t require the effort of reading or watching a video. Infographics travel quickly on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, and will help you reach a wider audience. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create them, either. With platforms such as Canva, you can make visuals that look professional without much technical design knowledge.


  • Downloadable resources


Consumers love freebies, and a downloadable resource is a great way to attract new audience members. You can create presentation slides that your audience can download in PDF form, or even build an e-book from multiple posts. Downloadable resources are also a great way to generate leads, as anyone who wants to download the content will need to complete an opt-in form. Once you have their emails, you can then nurture those leads and continue to connect with them through additional content.

Repost on alternate platforms

Another way to repurpose your content is to repost it on other channels. Platforms such as Medium are a great way to get your content to a broader audience that you may not reach otherwise. It’s free to post, and you can link back to your original content to encourage viewers to check out your other content. You may also consider doing guest posts on other sites that attract your target audience. Of course, you won’t be posting on a competitor’s website, but a site that generally relates to your niche would be beneficial. 

You can also use platforms such as Quora to answer questions using your content. By searching topics that relate to your content, you can find and respond to queries with links to your original piece of content.


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