Setting Up a Well-Integrated and Effective Link Building Strategy to Combat the Coronavirus Impact

Link building services have ruled the SEO industry for as long as we can remember, and for one good reason: the technique brings you organic traffic. Link building is also effective in terms of making you visible to search engine crawlers, which makes it likelier for your page to be indexed and listed.

Whereas professional link building solutions have always been on the agendas of every SEO professional, the current times call for more creative measures. With a global pandemic in full flow, businesses have been badly affected. While many still operate—thanks to the internet—several major changes have had to be made.

In addition to digitization and delivery, businesses are realizing that SEO strategies on their own will not suffice. In the wake of the pandemic, with several businesses taking their A-games online, the clutter in the digital world is too great—and needs to be sifted through. 

The Internet Clutter During the Pandemic

From in-home media consumption to the growth of internet services provided, 2020 has reformed the way the world uses the internet. With a greater number of people at home—since such a great part of the world is under lockdown—you have all these people glued to their screens, and yours isn’t the only business that has made the digital shift.

Since the wake of the pandemic and the lockdowns in several countries, businesses have been taking SEO and link building services far more seriously than they previously did. The digital clutter is massive—which makes it difficult for your prospective customers to find you. It also doesn’t make it any easier for search engine crawlers to find and index you. 

Why You Need to Boost SERP Ranks

The problem is more than merely showing up on lower positions in search results—if you’re working with an SEO services provider, you already know this. SERP ranks matter since 67.6% of all clicks are reserved for the first 5 results. Unless your prospective customer is looking specifically for you or unless they’re looking for something particularly peculiar, they might not even bother scrolling past the first 5 results. 

Working on Rank Zero

Similarly, a majority of clicks go straight to the rank Zero on Google, given how this is quite literally the Rank Zero era. In light of this, you don’t have to just focus on showing up in the top results. You also have to ensure your content and website have just the right kind of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO done to allow search engines to produce your content in the rank zero in search results. 

Increase Traffic, Conversions, and Sales

Simply put, boosting and thereafter maintaining your SEPR rank ensures that your target audience finds you easily whenever they’re searching for a targeted keyword. This directly adds to increase in the organic traffic on your website, your conversion rate, and actual business through sales and subscriptions. 

All of this is a direct result of proper SEO and link building services, which go a long way in earning you loyal customers who can become a steady source of income for you—pandemic or no pandemic. 

How Link Building Services will Help in the Pandemic

Let’s first look at the many things that link building helps you with, which are:

  • Greater web traffic
  • Better SERP rankings
  • High SEO scores
  • Better web metrics
  • Credible brand reputation
  • Greater sales and revenue
  • Better engagement and rapport with target audience
  • Establishment of your brand as an authoritative one in the industry 
  • Sustained traffic and referrals
  • Solid digital visibility 
  • Greater chances of expanding your niche and target audience base

SEO experts and link building professionals will tell you that white hat link building can rope in more than just traffic and conversions. They bring real business and monetary growth—but can they help you do the same during the pandemic?

Coronavirus and Link Building

Essentially, link building services are meant to backlink to other websites that are considered higher in authority. Even more preferable is that you should be mentioned on other (not shady) websites—such as through guest posts. The idea behind this—especially in terms of how search engines are looking at you—is that your web content is authoritative, credible, well-researched, informative, and worthy of publication on a different website. 

Do-Follow Backlinks

Do-Follow backlinks are the ones you’re looking to build in these times. Keep your content current and be generous with your backlinks to authoritative websites—but be careful not to spam. The object should be more than linking to other websites—it should be to receive do-follow links from other websites. You’re looking to attract links. This will require extensive content development and social media marketing on your part, not to mention high quality content that adds something to the situation. 

High-Quality Content and Attracting Links

Ensure that your content isn’t too generic and is in fact with reference to the changing times—highlight what changes you have made in light of the pandemic, how your product can help people affected by the lockdown, and how essential your service is. It’s a link building game after all—so be sure to link your product to the current times and to people’s needs. Make both the prospective audience and search engine crawlers believe your product ought to be bought more and your website ought to be read more. 

Do-Follow backlinks can help with your SEO scores, rankings, and metrics all at the same time—while simultaneously ensuring that you stand out from the crowd. No-follow links aren’t bad either, but their effect on metrics and search engine rankings isn’t all that great. 

Guest article written by: The author is a link building expert at Search Berg and has been working as an SEO expert at the firm for the past many years. He is confident that an integrated link building strategy can help any small business, anywhere in the world, push back against the virus. SEO and link building solutions are the way to go in this pandemic. 

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