Technology Used in Large-Scale Treasure Hunts

by Guest Author on April 16, 2020

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Description: How does an idea of looking for lost treasure sound to you? Interested? Then you might want to check our text on a treasure hunt and how technology can help us!

We all like to watch movies or read books about the thrilling adventures of pirates who are searching for long lost treasure. Or, some used to when they were younger, and some still do. But for most people, these are just stories that came as a result of someone’s imagination. 

However, there have always been people who were exploring different treasure hunt clues and going on real expeditions to find hidden valuables. In the past, this was far from easy because people had simple tools like a compass and a shovel. It was also more challenging to move around.  

Nowadays, however, things have changed, and the equipment that can and is used for a treasure hunt is much more technologically advanced.  

If you are among people who don’t think that ideas about lost treasure are just fantasy, then you will be interested in reading our text about a treasure trove.

What Do You Need for Treasure Hunt

Technology is continually advancing and improving all aspects of our lives. Thanks to it, medicine is more accurate and accessible then ever, learning is facilitated through the use of virtual and augmented reality

Many people know about scientific and educational aspects. Still, it also impacts and facilitates our social relationships – it is simpler to maintain contacts with friends who live far, long-distance relationships, and so on.  

Same way how it impacts everything else, technology makes treasure hunt much less challenging. Let’s see how you can benefit from technology when you want to follow a treasure trail. 


Drones are fantastic for a prey treasure hunt. They are designed in a way to go to places that are otherwise hard to reach for most people and spot all kinds of things. They also have cameras, so it is possible to take pictures that you can analyze after. These cameras send images directly to your computers, phones, laptops, and so on. Some also can explain the ground and check if there are any traces of metal or similar elements. Additionally, there are a lot of drones that can go into ocean depths, analyze and search for treasures. Of course, before you buy a drone, you need to check how to get a license to poses and fly one.


Portable 3D Scanner

You can use 3D scanning in many fields, such as industrial design, engineering, and many others. And of course, for a scavenger hunt of lost valuables. This especially counts when you can running into some clues that indicate the potential location of hidden treasure. Then three scanner plays as a tool for scavenger hunt clues. To give you an idea, these can be symbols that you find in a cave or something. Now in the past, people didn’t have any choice put into drawing precisely the same thing they see in their notebooks. Today, there is this little handheld scanner that makes things much more straightforward.  

3D scanner

Metal Detector

If nothing else, you have seen people on the beaches of, for example, the Atlantic Ocean, but also others going with small portable metal detectors. It is one of the oldest tools designed for searching for precious metals, but it is very reliable at the same time. That’s one of the main reasons why people widely use it. Of course, there are much more advanced versions of this tool than the one you see on the beach. 

metal detector

Remotely Operated Vehicle

This is also something used for detection. ROVs can reach a depth of the ocean and easily maneuver on the ground to search for treasure hunt clues. They are suitable for getting videos of otherwise unsafe and hard to reach places. They usually come with a mechanical arm that is designed to fetch items that you want to analyze. 


Snake Camera 

You have maybe heard about endoscopy in medicine, but what about treasure hunt adventures? Well, these snake cameras are endoscope devices with LED lights.


There are many things you can find that can significantly improve the quality of your treasure hunt and increase the chances that you will find something. We hope that you enjoyed the text and recommend you also read about how to make a treasure hunt before you embark on this adventure. Have you used or heard about other tools that can be used for searching for lost treasures? 

Guest article written by: Thomas Quarry is a writer from San Diego. Being adventurers himself, he became attracted to the idea of looking for lost gold. He began to explore and write about it. In his free time, he likes traveling and exploring different places and mountain climbing. 

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