Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2020

The New Year is here, and this is high time for you to get the most trendy website design for your business. Do not panic, I am going to explain in this post which types of websites will be in fashion this year. Here, I am going to explore the most stunning web design trends to look for in 2020. Stay tuned!

Top Web Design Trends for 2020

  • More text
  • More focus on data visualization
  • More gradients
  • Using Mobile Animation
  • Transition to natural forms
  • Using micro-interactions

More text

The old adage “content is king” never gets old. We are witnessing new dawn of “more text.” There was a slight dive into how developers used text, but there was a significant shift from folded headings and voluminous designs to more text as the main element. If you can come up with the right typographic style, this is a trend worth paying attention to, as it will surely provide users with a lot of valuable information. Similarly, with the wrong typography, this will certainly have unpleasant consequences for you. Want ideas for text designs? Triple or double-heading on the main page, this gives you more space for text messages, resulting in a smaller text size than previous large fonts. However, for the text to do its job, it must make sense. Readers may be critical if they cannot link the text to what they are looking for. Lifehack: for the best results, create a beautiful design and make every word valuable throughout the text.

More focus on data visualization

This is an easy task. Infographics attract attention to every design. The only way to efficiently present complex data to users is to visualize it because it is not only interesting but also understandable. Formatting is what users like: from translating primes to complex algorithms. First of all, it helps them understand what constitutes relevant content and also helps in other ways. Visualized data can be used as a still image or as animation, depending on the platform and purpose. For a better user interface, the data can be turned into an exciting story, where users get acquainted with the introduction, text, and ending of the story. Everyone would like to be a participant in this journey, in which there are no obscure and obscure details. Thus, everything becomes easy to understand, therefore, conversion rates are increasing. 

More gradients

It can be argued that gradients are a universal trend that can be used in almost every type of design. Today, a lot of projects use gradients to support their web design, as they add different volumes of colors to different patterns. Gradients are mainly used to distinguish between color elements or highlight a specific element. They can be successfully used for design, which is considered bad in art, to give some zest and improve the overall appearance of the web background. In 2020, gradients were popularly presented as pairing methods with vibrant hues. This is a change from previous trends when they were used only as tools for overlaying photos. It is expected that with the popularity of gradients as one of the modern trends in web design, this technique will only grow and develop.

Using Mobile Animation

According to web designers, video on mobile versions of websites sometimes doesn’t work, but the animation will surely find its place in the future of web design. This can be said by the strong movements that insist on including animations in mobile versions of websites. This is certainly a breakthrough year when the idea of ​​mobile animation has gained immense popularity. The need to focus the business on mobile devices is becoming stronger every day, and it is expected that very soon we will see scroll animation on mobile devices. Now, this is a very important step, considering how many people use mobile devices to access websites. Web designers can only do everything possible to develop a successful design of mobile gadgets. 

Transition to natural forms

Website UI pages can be customized for grids that appear systematically, but new trends require designers to use natural, organic forms. Regular shapes such as squares, triangles, and rectangles create a sense of stability due to sharp corners, but there is more to it. What about comfort and affordability? 

Organic forms in irregular and asymmetric forms add depth to the design, and it is they that highlight the page. The idea of ​​designers who embrace this trend is to make designs more vibrant with real designs. These are forms that draw inspiration from nature and spontaneously attract the user’s attention.

Using micro-interactions

The main purpose of micro-interactions is to surprise and attractively disturb the user. This happens when a user performs a specific action on a website and instant feedback appears. For example, in most cases when you refresh a page, there may be a beep or notification to display an action that is tantamount to micro-interaction. This trend has been used before, but in 2020 there has been a significant increase in popularity among other website design trends. They are present everywhere, clicks, scroll animation, hover and much more. They are aimed at attracting your audience. 

Final thoughts:

Over the years, you will find different web design trends but business owners get their websites developed according to their business needs. They insist on something that is considered to be aligned with their business goals.

Guest article written by: Sherley Alaba is an eagle-eyed wordsmith; a writer and translator, always interested in ways that can help individuals (especially youth and women) reach their full creative potential. Sometimes students seek dissertation help or prefer to buy dissertation, in both cases, she helps them.

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