Top 5 YouTube Channels for Tech Enthusiasts

by Guest Author on October 11, 2020

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Want to learn more about tech? It’s no secret; the internet is one of the best places to expand your knowledge.

Want to know the best part? The best resources to expand your knowledge are free and available for you on YouTube. 

YouTube is a platform that needs no introduction; it is the second largest search engine, behind its parent company, Google. Additionally, YouTube serves as an epicenter for engaging content that can entertain you while simultaneously teaching you new things.

In the tech world, things are ever-changing. New hardware releases and application launches happen at lightning speed.

Whether you are a technical novice or a seasoned adopter, there is always new insight to help you grow in your knowledge of software, hardware, development, and design.

In this article, I will be covering the top five best YouTube Channels for tech enthusiasts. Want to learn more? Then keep on reading.

1. Linus Tech Tips 

Have you ever wanted to build a computer? Maybe you want to learn more about the hardware of your device, or even upgrade. If that’s the case, then Linus Tech Tips is an excellent channel to expand your knowledge. 

Not only do they do complete build throughs of computers, but they also review hardware that expands to phones, tablets, laptops, and more. 

Most importantly, Linus Tech Tips explains this sophisticated content in an accessible and entertaining way. Whether you have built one-hundred computers or are starting on your first, Linus Tech Tips provides tech enthusiasts of every type some compelling knowledge. 

2. Omatum 

Are you a designer or a developer? If so, then Omatum is an excellent resource for witty, engaging, and informative content that ranges from developing a fully-custom website in one day to subject essays that question big tech companies and their motives. 

Omatum is a channel that intersects creativity and technology and shows the process of innovation first hand. Whether you are an industry professional who enjoys complex design and development projects or an enthusiast who wants to learn more, Omatum delivers content that shows you the craft of building and creating content. 

3. Yanic Kilcher 

Artificial Intelligence may frighten some, but intrigue others. 

Yanic Kilcher is a YouTuber based in Switzerland covering deep learning, research papers, and programming. 

From watching live research happen to understand the inner workings of artificial intelligence, Kilcher provides extreme detail and insight into the world of computing. 

He provides abstracts and research that is entertaining and leaves the viewer thinking deeply about the world around us and how automation may interact with us daily. 

4. Flux 

Want to be a Web Designer? Flux provides excellent resources and knowledge to help you hone that skill set. 

Flux’s videos are concise and give aspiring web designers a positive outlook, from explaining web design history to providing tips and tricks to the best software to accomplish your goals. 

If you feel unsure about your web design prospects, Flux provides productivity tips to help you continue to grow in your craft and overcome those hurdles. 

5. LGR 

LGR, or Lazy Game Reviews, is a channel that covers content like gaming, computing building, and retro-tech. 

Whether you are looking for an honest review of a new game release or want to invoke nostalgia by reminiscing on ’90s tech, LGR offers witty content that is exceptionally entertaining. 

LGR’s channel allows the viewer to go back to the Wild West of technology. In the ’80s and ’90s, hardware companies came up with new and innovative gadgets to spark the public’s interest. 

There weren’t slick machines here, no way. As LGR examined, one of the most popular computers of the time was an IBM ThinkPad 701C, which was small, but bulky and an incredibly engineered butterfly keyboard mechanism that expanded when opened to a full-size keyboard. 

Overall, LGR’s content can give you the perspective of the world of tech before there were standards or expectations, which is a refreshing take considering the standards of technology today. 

The Best YouTube Channels for Tech Enthusiasts 

From hardware and software to development and design content, these five YouTube channels are the best for tech enthusiasts. 

If you want to expand your mind and learn more about a subject within tech you are passionate about, these channels help provide insight into more specialized fields or pure entertainment value. 

Guest article written by: Jesse Raymer

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