Apple to Officially Discontinue the iMac Pro

Apple verified that it will be discontinuing the item after supplies run out.

Apple is officially discontinuing the iMac Pro desktop computer, the tech giant announced on Saturday. The company is still offering the base model on its website, but only “while supplies last.” The default configuration is the only option available, which means you can no longer configure the computer.

A more powerful version than the standard iMac, the iMac Pro featured improved cooling performance, a workstation Intel Xeon processors with AMD Radeon Pro graphics and ECC memory. It also sports an exclusive space gray aluminum finish with matching accessories.

It is expected that sometime this 2021, Apple will revamp the standard iMac with a brand new design and will switch to the ARM-based Apple Silicon.

First launched in 2017, the iMac Pro was described by Apple at the time as “by far the most powerful iMac we’ve ever made” and was geared towards professionals who require a computer that had lots of computing horsepower and can really process fast. The machine, however, has not had any significant hardware upgrades since then.

The iMac Pro was considered to be a stopgap solution before Apple began to work on the Mac Pro. Now that it is expected that both the iMac and Mac Pro will switch to Apple Silicon, then there’s really much need for a separate iMac Pro in the lineup.

Should you be considering to buy an iMac Pro before it runs out in the official store, head over to get one right now. Once they are gone, the only possible way to get your hands on an iMac Pro is by chancing upon stray models from Apple Stores or third-party sellers.

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