Apple’s Upcoming iPad Pro Bound to be Scarce Due to Next-Gen Display Shortage

The upcoming Apple iPad Pro is expected to arrive later this month, however, one model could prove to be difficult to find when it goes on sale.

According to a Bloomberg report by Debby Wu and Mark Gurman, Apple plans to place a MiniLED display as a key component on the flagship 12.9-inch model, but the dilemma is the suppliers of that tech are apparently experiencing production issues.

At an event reported planned to be held at the end of April, Apple will unveil the iPad Pro tablets in two sizes. The MiniLED technology will be exclusive to the bigger and more expensive 12.9-inch model, providing improved contrast and brightness. However, because of supply issues, it will be shipped at a much later date than planned and in limited quantities.

The new iPad Pro models will mark Apple’s first major hardware launch of 2021.

The new iPad Pro have indeed become popular productivity mobile devices, mainly becoming a valuable tool for remote work during the pandemic. Along with the all-new display tech, the upcoming models are expected to utilize faster processors similar to that of the M1 chips used on the most recent MacBooks.

Apple may also add in a USB-C port that will allow them to work with a wider range of accessories, specifically those used in work-from-home situations such as cameras and monitors.

During the holiday quarter of 2020, the iPad generated a total of $8.4 billion in sales for Apple, the most since 2014.

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