iPhone 6s users get a surprising update in WWDC 2021

This September will mark the sixth anniversary of the iPhone 6S. If you’ve held on to one this long, Apple has some good news for you: your phone will be eligible for the iOS 15 upgrade when it becomes available to the general public this fall. The iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and first-generation iPhone SE, all of which came with iOS 9, will be among the first to get the update.

The longest supported iPhone to date

Six years is an incredibly long life expectancy for a smartphone, and it puts the iPhone 6S in the race for the title of the longest supported phone to date. The iPhone 5S was five years old when it got its last OS update with iOS 12 but wasn’t eligible for iOS 13.

On the other hand, Samsung has recently made moves on the Android side to improve device longevity by offering four years of security support for some of its phones. The 6S, on the other hand, is in a league of its own, with six years of OS updates and security support.

It is worth mentioning that without software updates an old device can become obsolete quite quickly since it can no longer perform even simple tasks such as sorting phone contacts without much hassle hence this is quite a breakthrough.

Not all features will work

There are several new features that will not work with the A9 Bionic chip in the iPhone 6S. Visual Lookup, similar to Google Lens, Live Text in pictures, portrait mode in FaceTime, and immersive walking instructions in Maps will not be available to 6S users because they all require a handset with an A12 Bionic chip, such as the XS and XR, or later.

It’s also possible that newer software will cause an older phone with a slower processor to slow down. That may not be the case, as both Ars Technica and Macworld observed no noticeable difference in performance when using iOS 14 on the iPhone 6S.

The 6S, on the other hand, is showing its age with its short battery life. Widgets are also more difficult to use on the phone’s 4.7-inch screen, which is small in comparison to today’s usual six-inch-plus displays. It’s not so much a matter of compatibility as it is the unavoidable, slow march of time that no technology can avoid.

Summing Up

Owners of the iPhone 6S, on the other hand, need not be discouraged. They’ll still get potentially beneficial improvements like notification summaries and Focus modes to reduce interruptions throughout the day, FaceTime video and music sharing, and new privacy tools like a seven-day app privacy report to keep track of how applications are using your data. A bonus is the security patches the devices receive throughout the year. Overall, not bad for a six-year-old device.  

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  1. Not only on iPhone 6s one of my friend use iPhone 5s and it’s runs on ios 14, Apple push their updates to older iPhones too, and that’s why people are buying apple. Even me too.


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