Why You Should Wait For The iPhone 14

The iPhone is the best-selling product in the entire world for a reason. It’s sleek, it’s stylish, and with every new model Apple releases, they seem to outdo themselves. We know that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a very durable phone. Apple always does amazing things with their phones and new updates, and the iPhone 13 definitely isn’t any different. With a brighter display and class-leading performance, using great apps thanks to iPhone development is a breeze. The disadvantage based on many reviews is that the iPhone 13 and its siblings are not a huge upgrade from the iPhone 12. And, this begs the question: Does it make sense to splurge so much money for the 13?

Additionally what is disappointing is that the iPhone’s rivals have a faster charging facility. Moreover, what is more disappointing is that its fantastic Cinematic Mode is capped at 1080p. Other than this the new iPhone 13 ticks all the right boxes and does offer the trademark Apple experience that is intuitive and seamless. Let’s not go into the aspect of cost since it just seems mandatory that iPhones must and should be fantastically expensive compared to its arch nemesis, which are the Android smartphones. The iPhone 13 may be 2021’s talking point, but creeping into this narrative is the iPhone 14. We know that the iPhone 12 mini did not fly off the shelves. And, it’s because of user demand (largely for the 12 Pro Max) that the dimensions are facing a change. 

According to the grapevine, the iPhone 14 is supposed to boast a single center-mounted hole punch selfie camera quite like its Android brethren. The current renders of the iPhone 14 show that it is a forward-thinking device and goes beyond the small upgrades that the iPhone 13 was subjected to. Ironically, based on the renders, the iPhone 14 has some similarities when it comes to overall design with the iPhone 4. Expect to see the new iPhone 14 in September 2022. Another small rumour that is making the rounds is that the body of the iPhone 14 will be made entirely out of titanium. There’s even news of a foldable iPhone in 2024, which will just push the envelope when it comes to catering to user demand and shifting the narrative of mobile excellence. 

Take the average user of an iPhone, and the consensus is that the camera and its ability is what defines its standard and universal appeal. With a patent already granted to Apple when it comes to its periscope lens, which is to be featured in the iPhone 14, this will grant the phone to achieve a 10x optical zoom. These are just early hints of what to expect, yet we know that there will be improvements meted out right across the board for all its product range come next year.

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