Global tech trends in 2025

Every day a new technology introduces into the world. Technology is so changeable and laborious, but it makes human life comfy, safe, and secure. Everyone has to keep pace with technology changing rapidly. However, it is strenuous. It would be unwise for you to take the risk of lingering behind tech trends. It is also crucial for businesses and people to grow along with technology. Constant learning and staying modernized with technology trends is the call of the hour. I have made a list of a few global tech trends for you that you will see in 2025.

Artificial Intelligence

Can a machine even think like a person? Will a machine be able to work with the same exactitude that a person does?  AI was evolved while looking for these answers. And the answer is yes, artificial intelligence can make it feasible. Even today, we use AI in our daily life. Due to the advancement of technology, we are directly and indirectly connected to AI. AI is going to evolve further in the coming time. And this is going to be a must-watch trend as it will affect our daily life. You might be shocked but seven Indians out of ten using artificial intelligence every day. From Google Assistant to self-driving cars artificial intelligence is growing so amazingly.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology is one of the prominent trends in 2020, and it is going to be a must-watch trend for the coming years. Cloud computing help businesses or individual to store and manage their data on the virtual space on the internet. Cloud technology is giving relief to large and small corporations. They will save their time and money that they spend to store and manage data on a local server.  Did you know that cloud services are inexpensive and secure? So corporations can now easily invest in the growth and success of their business. 

3D printing technology

3D printing is a speedily evolving technology.  Many industries like manufacturing, automotive, and medical industry have taken on 3D printing. 3D printing encourages businesses to perform tremendously. 3D printing has changed the long-established method in manufacturing industries. The aerospace and healthcare industries have also acquired 3D printing technology. The demand for 3D printing material in the healthcare industry is escalating. Polymer, Metals, Ceramics, and Composites are 3D printing materials. It is estimated that the 3D printing material market will reach up to $ 4.03 billion in 2025. It will be developing at a rate of 20.7% from 2019.

Virtual and augmented reality

The virtual and augmented reality market is approx. $22.1 billion, and it is supposed to reach $161.1 billion by 2025. The usage of smartphones and connected devices has been increased in many application industries. Also, advancement in the gaming industry gives a lift to the global augmented and virtual reality market.

Mobile internet

Technology is evolving every second. Due to the insanely increasing number of smartphone users, whole mobile data traffic is estimated to be trebly in India, approx. 22 exabytes per month. According to the World Advertising research center, by 2025, approx. 1.3 billion people will access the internet via smartphone or computer. Sounds crazy? And soon, people will start using 5g in India.


Evolution in genetic engineering technology will improve the agricultural industry, extend human life likelihood. Genetic engineering technology will start with more high-speed computer processing rates. By 2025, we can have a desktop fabrication lab. With the help of AI, software methodologies that we use now will be more advanced.

Quantum computing 

Quantum computing is emerging every day. Did you know that Google has developed the first quantum computer in 2019? At that moment, the Global Quantum Computing market value is approx. USD 101.12 million. According to the experts, it is expected to raise USD 770 million by 2025. In the next five years, quantum computing can be commercially available. That is the main reason behind the increasing market value of quantum Computing. It will help the business to grow.


Blockchain is a type of database where information is stored in the block. Once the information is filled in the block, it is chained to the previous block. Every time the same process is repeated, to store the data. Bitcoin is using the Blockchain concept to record the transactions. Blockchain technology is highly secure, decentralized, and having automation capability. Blockchain technology is evolving every day. In the coming years, blockchain will be used by various industries like manufacturing, finance, etc. . In recent reports, 64 different use cases of blockchain by 200 companies have been recorded.

Biometric technology

Biometric technology is bliss for the corporate world. The use of biometric is becoming very important for other industries like airports, banks, etc. It plays a crucial role in security. It has been reported that approx. 72 % of companies are going to adopt the new evolving biometric technology over traditional methods by 2025. It is an advanced way to identify a person via face, eye, voice, hand recognition.

“Not only these, but many technologies like advance robotic are evolving at a fast rate and continue to be a trend to watch in 2025.”

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